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zendaya no makeup pictures gallery

A 24 years lady has become a popular American actress, singer, and producer and we all adore her beauty who is none other than the Zendaya.

Today’s article is all about zendaya’s natural beauty, real-life, and bio. In this article, you will see all the images where Zendaya caught makeup free. Let’s see how she looks without makeup.

Top 16 Zendaya No Makeup Pictures In 2021:

First, we will see the best among all the pictures we have today with that you will get to see Zendaya’s real beauty stat with her age, eye color, hair color, real name, relationship, family background, etc.

Zendaya Went Makeupfree At Airport

zendaya no makeup7
  • Real Name – Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman
  • Hair Color – Dark Brown
  • Eyes Color – Hazel
  • Hair Type – Curly
  • Body Shape Type – Triangle
  • Face Shape Type – Heart
  • Age – 24 years
  • Birthday – 1st September 1996
  • Birthplace – Oakland, California, USA
  • Height – 5 ft 10 in
  • Weight – 59 kg
  • Measurements – 36-26-35 inches
  • Net Worth – $15 Million
  • Father – Kazembe Ajamu Coleman
  • Mother – Claire Stoermer
  • Siblings (Brother) – Austin, Julien
  • Sibling (Sisters) – Kaylee, Katianna, Anabelle
  • Boyfriend- NA, Zendaya is single in 2021 as per The Sun

In the above picture, the cute little Zendaya went makeup-free at the airport and with a little wet hair. She is dam cute no matter what she wears she always stole my heart with her cuteness.

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zendaya no makeup6

Cute Zendaya No Makeup Look Wearing Specs

It’s always been said that curly hair girls look cuter than straight hair girls. And it’s absolutely true I think, just look at her, OMG she is love.

Here she has worn a comfortable hoodie, listening to the music, and had worn specs too.

zendaya no makeup12

Zendaya Went To Restaurant Without Makeup

Zenadaya even went for dinner without makeup. I really appreciate those people who embrace their real beauty and never hide it. And it’s 100% true if you love yourself the people will automatically start loving you back.

zendaya no makeup2

Hot No Makeup Selfie Of Zendaya In Wet Hair

Zendaya’s hair is wet in this picture and she has worn a shirt. She gave a sexy model expression to the camera and look dam hot.

zendaya no makeup9

Adorable Zendaya’s Photo Of Her Teenage

Here is our cute little Zendaya in her teenage. Yes’ she was a famous kid from her childhood and we have all known her for a long.

This is her old picture of beach time she was enjoying. She had caught very bad tanning on her face and skin.

zendaya no makeup11

Zendaya Went Out With Her Messy Bun

Zendaya always keeps her hair open but here she had made a messy bun right above her head. Her face is looking different with such kind of hairstyle.

What do you feel about this hairstyle of Zendaya, let us know in the comments.

zendaya no makeup10

Tired and Tanned Face Of Zendaya

In this picture Zendaya is looking too tanned, maybe this right after returning from a beach trip. She was looking so worried and tensed about something. It may be workload or relationship tension, what do you think?


Sunkissed Selfie Of Zendaya With Nude Face

This is a morning selfie of Zendaya, Her face is completely bare as she just woke up. She was enjoying the soothing sun rays coming from her bedroom window.

zendaya no makeup13

Tired Smile Of Zendaya

When there were busy days, Zendaya gets a dark circle. Look at her she was so tired and even doesn’t want to smile but still, she was showing a nice gesture and gratitude to the media. That’s the reason why is the most loved celebrity.

zendaya no makeup5

Zendaya No Makeup Selfie Giving Her Favourite Pose

This is Zendaya’s favorite selfie pose. If you follow her on social media you will get to see a maximum of her selfies like this only. She feels more comfortable and relaxed with this pose.

zendaya no makeup15
zendaya no makeup8

Outdoor Picture Of Zendaya With No makeup

Here Zendaya has worn a famous brand t-shirt and paired it with jeggings. She had a drink in her hand.

zendaya no makeup14

Let’s Bring Some Stuff

Zendaya went out to bring some stuff for her home. At a very early age, she started taking her own responsibilities and doing her own work. How cute and innocent she looks when she gives smile to the camera.

zendaya no makeup3

Why So Pretty

Omg, just look at the glow of Zendaya’s bare face. Having such flawless skin is like a blessing. Her nude face also glows more than any highlighter you can see that here.

zendaya no makeup4

Good Night Guys

Zendaya has done her night skincare routine and then lying on the bed she clicked this picture to say good night to her fans. Her skin is looking so healthy, soft, supple, and glowy.

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