Hair fall becomes the most common problem not only for adults but also for youth nowadays. I feel so sad when I see the younger generation struggling with hair problems and can heartily understand how much it is important to have beautiful long thick hair during college days.

Dear friends, no need to worry more Here I come with the solution to all your hair problems, Yoga poses to grow hair Faster. Yes, You heard right there are some yoga poses that can effectively work on all hair-related problems and enhance your hair growth like never before.

You might have heard about the benefits of yoga for health. Just think for a minute if yoga can help to recover all health-related issues then yoga poses can also help to grow your hair like a princess.

At the end of this article, I have shared some bonus tips for hair growth and also answered a few FAQs related to how to Grow Hair Faster and hair problems so do not forget to check down there.

Here are 13 Yoga Poses to Grow Hair Faster:

Sharing the list of yoga poses to grow hair faster. We will start with Downward-facing Dog Pose and will end with an upward bow pose. As mentioned in the title the no. 10 yoga “Balayam” is my favorite because of its simplicity. Please share your favorite yoga pose from the following list.

  1. Downward Facing Dog Pose
  2. Headstand Pose
  3. Shoulder Stand Pose
  4. Standing Forward Bend Pose
  5. Diamond Pose
  6. Fish Pose
  7. Wind Relieving Pose
  8. Rabbit Pose
  9. Camel Pose
  10. Balayam Yoga
  11. Front Lobe Cleansing technique
  12. Reclining Hero Pose
  13. Upward Bow Pose

#1 Downward Facing Dog Pose:

Credits: Liforme

  • This is Downward Facing Dog Pose which helps in improving blood circulation to the head and scalp.
  • It relieves stress and calms down your brain. Proper blood flow to the scalp helps in nourishing the hair roots.
  • This pose can help you in getting strong hair and get rid of hair fall.
  • You can do this yoga as shown in the picture or perform it under the guidance of another person.

#2 Headstand Pose:

Credits: Shape Magazine

  • Headstand Pose is an effective yoga pose for hair growth and getting its original color back.
  • The headstand pose provides direct blood flow to the head and scalp that helps in reducing hair problems and getting healthy long hair.
  • Doing a headstand pose is not an easy task but practicing it properly can make it happen. Please do this yoga pose under the proper guidance.

#3 Shoulder Stand Pose:

Credits: Healthline

  • The Shoulder Stand pose helps in relieving stress, clam down the brain, and Improving blood circulation to the head and scalp.
  • It also helps indigestion. It is well said that if your digestion is good then you are safe from maximum health issues.
  • The shoulder stand pose is very easy to do you can follow the steps as shown in the image.

#4 Standing Forward Bend Pose:

Credits: Gfycat

  • The Standing forward bend pose is the easiest yoga pose and can be performed by any age person.
  • In this pose, your brain gets maximum blood supply than the heart and your hairs get the maximum oxygen.
  • Stress and tension are the main cause of hair loss, this pose helps in relaxing your mind and relieves stress.

#5 Diamond Pose:

  • Improper digestion and constipation are the biggest enemies for health and beauty issues and also lead to hair falls.
  • The Diamond Pose helps in digestion and cures constipation problems resulting in healthy strong hair and no more hair fall.
  • This is a very easy yoga pose you just need to seat as shown in the picture for 15 minutes and can do it anywhere and anytime.

#6 Fish Pose:

  • The Fish Pose helps in hair growth by relieving your stress and relaxing your mind hence your head.
  • Whenever you are stress-free your head can breathe properly which is important for hair growth.
  • This Fish pose reduces anxiety, relieves tension, and calms down your overall body.

#7 Wind Relieving Pose:

  • Hehe as the name suggests the wind relieving pose helps you to remove gases from your stomach.
  • Doing this yoga in the morning will release gases from your stomach making you extremely free and improving the digestive system hence resulting in hair growth.

#8 Rabbit Pose:

  • The Rabbit Pose is one of the types of forwarding bend poses hence it stretches the stomach neck and back muscles. Improves blood circulation to the head and neck.
  • This pose relaxes the mind, calms down your stress, and tension and hence this all helps in getting healthy long hair and reduces hair loss problems.

#9 Camel Pose:

  • The Camel Pose is very popular for hair growth and is also recommended by yoga experts.
  • This pose improves blood flow to the brain and hence helps in nourishing the head and scalp.
  • Follow this yoga in the morning for 10-20seconds as per your comfort level you will get the results in a few months.

Are you liking this Yoga Poses to Grow Hair Faster?

#10 Balayam Yoga:

  • Here we come to my favorite yoga pose Balayam Pose. Actually, I like the name and the reason behind getting it.
  • In India, there is a famous yoga teacher named BABA Ramdev. He has given this yoga name as BALAYAM which is a combination of two words BAL(hairs) and Yam(Yoga).
  • In this yoga, you just need to rub your nails on both your hands for 10-15 minutes every day.
  • This yoga helps in regrowing hairs, reduces hair fall, and can also help in getting rid of balding.
  • The most impressive thing is you can do this yoga whenever you want no matter whether you are at home, in the car, or in the office.

#11 Front Lobe Cleansing technique:

Credits: Makeagif

  • The front lobe cleansing technique is very beneficial for hair growth and getting rid of hair problems.
  • This yoga prevents premature hair greying issues and also strengthens hair roots resulting in faster hair growth.
  • Do this yoga for a maximum of  5 minutes in one take.
  • Seat like a person in the image. Inhale deeply through nostrils and expel with the forceful contradiction of abdominal muscles and relax.

#12 Reclining Hero Pose:

  • The Reclining Hero Pose is the simplest yoga pose to do for any age category person.
  • This pose improves blood circulation to the brain and head muscles. Removes tension and relieves stress/mind.
  • This pose helps in faster hair growth and prevents greying of hair.

#13 Upward Bow Pose:

  • The Upward bow postures make the maximum blood flow to the hair resulting in nourishing scalp and hair follicles.
  • In this pose your head and hair get the maximum oxygen needed and hence it stimulates hair growth.

I hope you like these 13 Yoga Poses to Grow Hair Faster!

Important Notes:

  • Do all these yoga poses in the morning with an empty stomach or either keep 7 hours of break between meal and yoga.
  • Perform the hard yoga poses eg. headstand, and rabbit pose under the proper guidance until you learn them properly.
  • Start with the easy yoga poses like Balayam Yoga, Diamond pose, Standing Forward ben pose, Wind relieving pose, and then move on to the harder yoga poses.

Now as I promised here are some Bonus Tips for Faster Hair Growth.

  • Do the Inversion method before going to bed. Sit on the chair take all your hairs between your legs and massage gently for 5 minutes.
  • Reverse combing: Slightly bend and take your hairs down and comb the hairs with the brush.

These are the bonus tips and if you want to know more about hair care you can check these healthy hair home remedies.

Now let’s quickly see some FAQs about hair growth, hair problems and yoga poses to grow hair faster.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Can Yoga increase hair growth?

The answer is Yes. Regular yoga practice can improve blood flow to the brain and hence helps in nourishing the head and scalp. Your head and hair get the maximum oxygen needed and hence it can stimulate hair growth.

Can yoga stop Hairfall?

The answer is Yes. Doing yoga regularly can help digestion, and constipation, remove all toxins out of the body, relieves stress, relaxes your mind, relieves all body muscles, remove stress and strain, and improves blood circulation to overall body parts. All these benefits can lead to stopping the hair loss problem.

How much hair fall in a day is normal?

The answer is 50 to 100 hairs a day. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is pretty normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day. If you are losing more strands of hair and if it is not getting a cure with changes in hair care habits then you can see the dermatologist. Hair loss happens when something stops the hairs from growing and it needs to find out the cause and take the action.