What Is Hair Length Chart And Its Use?

A hair length chart is like a numeric or naming scale chart that helps calculate your hair length.

A hair length chart is used to determine your actual hair length and get the exact length of hair extension.

Whenever you go to a salon, or you talk about the hair you may use or hear sentences like I want a short haircut which should not be too short.

An explanation like this is not conveying the correct message to the other person; instead, it creates confusion, so you will never get what you are expecting.

What if you know the name for your desired hair length? It will eliminate confusion and help you to get what you want, right?

So here comes the hair length chart in use; broadly there are two types of hair length charts.

  • Hair Length Chart In Numbers
  • Hair Length Chart By Names

Hair Length Chart In Numbers:

In this type of hair length chart, you will get to know your hair length in inches or centimetres i.e in numbers; hence we can call it Hair Length Chart In Numbers.

This is the rough diagram showing the hair length chart for straight and silky hairs. Your hair’s actual length and appearance depend on your hair type and height.

Let’s see how these factors affect hair lengths.

Hair Length Chart For Different Height:

The hair length appearance can be different for short and weighted people.

Example: 30” length hairs look longer on short height people where it looks harsher on long height people.

Hair Length Chart For Wavy Hairs:

The chart is the same for the wavy hairs, but the difference is wavy hairs look shorter than straight hairs.

You can see the difference in the chart that wavy hairs length get shorten than straight hairs.

Hair Length Chart For Curly Hairs:

The third part of the hair is curly hair, the scale is the same, but as the curly hair becomes short because of waves, it covers fewer numbers on the scale.

If you pull the curly hair, it will appear long; You can see the change in the image of the curly hair length chart.

Measuring your hair length just by seeing a picture will be a little tricky, so here is the hair length chart T-shirt you can have and easily measure the size of your hair.

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Hair Length Chart By Names:

In this hair length chart, hair has given a specific name according to its length so that it will become easy to convey an appropriate message in the salon.

Here are all 15 names you can call your hair as per its length.

  • Chin Length
  • Neck Length
  • Shoulder Length
  • Armpit Hair length
  • Bra- Strap Hair Length
  • Mid Back Hair Length
  • Waist Length
  • Hip Length
  • Tailbone Hair Length
  • Classic Length
  • Mid Thigh Length
  • Knee Length
  • Calf Hair Length
  • Ankle Length
  • Floor Length

Now you can call your hair by an appropriate name. You can find your dream length extension without any confusion. You can explain to a salon expert how long you want your hair after trimming it.

Let’s quickly see all these 15 hair-length types one by one.

#1 Chin Length Hair

Chin-length hair is gone with a cute look. This length of haircut is mainly given to little girls. These short-length hairs look more attractive on oval or round shape people.

Keeping bangs with this cut enhances the cuteness of this look.

#2 Neck Length

Neck-length hairs fall on your neck, and it is just above your shoulder.

These length hairs are manageable and give a professional look.

#3 Shoulder Length Hairs:

Shoulder-length hairs fall exactly on your shoulder. If you have straight hair, this hair length looks so beautiful.

Shoulder-length hairs are the start of long hairs; you can make a bun, ponytail, or keep it open. This length of hair is so manageable in any hairstyle.

#4 Armpit Hair length:

If you love to make different hairstyles of long hair, then you should at least have armpit hair length.

Armpit hairs look beautiful no matter if it’s curly or straight. You can have cuts and layers at this length of hair.

#5 Bra- Strap Hair Length:

This length of hair falls till the strap of your bra that you might have guessed already by its name.

#6 Mid Back Hair Length:

Here is the start of wow hair length. The length of hair above the mid-back hair length is so attractive.

Managing the hair length is difficult but if you can work it, you are lucky to enjoy its glamour.

#7 Mid-Thigh Length:

From the mid-thigh hair length, you will be in the extra-large scale of hair length. Very few people are blessed with such beautiful and long hair.

Let me tell you, taking care of mid-thigh length hair and above is too hectic and frustrating, but still, some people enjoy having the mid-thigh length and above.

This is a short description of all-length hairs. First, check what people are asking and their queries about the hair length chart.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

How long is a 12-inch hair?

Here is the answer for the length of hair
For straight: Falls precisely on the shoulder
Wavy Hairs: Slightly
 above the shoulder length or neck length
Curly Hairs: Chin length or slightly below the ear.

Why is long hair attractive?

The answer is, You can make different hairstyles with long hair. No doubt, hairs are the most beautiful thing that can enhance and also take a person’s beauty. So more hair gives more attractiveness.
This doesn’t mean short hairs are not attractive, but yes, not everyone can carry short hair properly.

How do you describe your hair length?

Stops are saying very short and very long. Here is the best way to describe your hair length:

  • Chin Length
  • Neck Length
  • Shoulder Length
  • Armpit Hair length
  • Bra- Strap Hair Length
  • Mid Back Hair Length
  • Waist Length
  • Hip Length
  • Tailbone Hair Length
  • Classic Length
  • Mid Thigh Length
  • Knee Length
  • Calf Hair Length
  • Ankle Length
  • Floor Length

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