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sofia vergara no makeup photos

No Doubt Sofia Vergara is a real beauty but she looks a little different naturally. Would you like to watch her natural looks?

Here we come up with the best Sofia Vergara no makeup pictures to show the complete rare side of her, see her real bare face selfies, before-fame pictures, surgery, skin issues, etc.

Let’s start with Sofia Vergara’s best no makeup picture complete bare face with her real beauty stats.

Best No Makeup
Sofia Vergara no Makeup10

Sofia Vergara No Makeup Photo

While Walking On Streets

  • Hair Color – Brown
  • Eyes Color – Dark Brown
  • Hair Type – Silky waves
  • Body Shape Type – Triangle
  • Face Shape Type – Oval
  • Age – 49 years
  • Birthday – 10 July 1972
  • Birthplace – Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia
  • Height – 5 ft 7 in
  • Weight – 65 kg
  • Measurements – 38 – 28 – 39 inches
  • Net Worth – $70 Million
  • Father Name – Julio Enrique Vergara Robayo
  • Mother Name – Margerita Vergara Davila de Vergara
  • Sibling [Sister]- Sandra Vergara [younger], Veronica Vergara
  • Sibling [Brother]- Julio Vergara [Younger], Rafael Vergara
  • Spouse – Joe Manganiello

In the above picture Sofia is behaving like any ordinary person on street walking and eating. She doesnt have any makeup on her face.

Sofia Vergara no Makeup12

Sweating Out In The Gym

Sofia is working so hard in the gym to get the fitness and body shape.

I liked her T-shirt print “My head says Gym but My heart says Arepas”.

She is looking so tired she must have been working fo hours before clicking the piture.

Sofia Vergara no Makeup3

Sofia Making Weired faces to the Camera

This picture has been clicked when Sofia Vergara was trying remove something stuck into her teeths. Her face is looking so weired while doing so.

Sofia Vergara no Makeup13

Young Sofia Vergara Teenage Photo

This is the picture of Sofia Vergara when she was young in her teenage.

Sofia is looking cute with front flicks and natural clear face.

Sofia Vergara no Makeup7

Sofia Vergara Natural Skin With Acne Red Marks

Here the picture you were waitng for. Yes, Sofia also sometime face skin issues.

See her face got red with pimple and acne marks.

It looking more like a joker filter that a acne marks.

Did you know Sofia Vergara has been the highest-paid American television actress from 2013 to 2020?

Sofia Vergara no Makeup2

Selfie Of Sofia Vergara Without Makeup

Here is the no makeup selfie of Sofia, you can see the natural shape of nose and lips.

OMG her hairs are so messy, it is looking like she had met a storm.

Sofia Vergara no Makeup4

Dry Face of Sofia In Winters

Sofia went makeupless wearing winter jackets. She has not worn any maeup here.

Just look at her face and lips are looking so dry and she did not hide it with any makeup product.

Sofia Vergara no Makeup6

Sofia Went Makeufree In front Of Camera

Sofia is about cross 50 now and that why her collagen has started losing. Look at her saggy loose facial skin.

Sofia Vergara no Makeup9

Young Sofia Vergara No Makeup Selfie

This is the selfie of Sofia Vergara Near pool wearing swimming dress.

She was too young here and looking gorgeous, cute, flawless.

Sofia Vergara no Makeup8

Eating On Streets

Sofia has a habit of eating while walking on the streets and here is another that proves it.

Her living style is simple, she used to wear simple t-shirts, shirts rather than dresses and skirts.

Sofia Vergara no Makeup11

See My Perfect Physique

In this picture of Sofia, she is showing her perfect figure inside the gym.

She is very serious about her fitness and never misses her gym time.

sofia at mimami beach in 90's

This is How Sofia Looked In 90’s

Sofia has recently posted this picture on her Insta account and trying to memorize the beautiful moment she spent at Miami beach.

Sofia Vergara no Makeup first bite

Latest Sofia Vergara No Makeup Photo In 2021

She is too foodie and she doesn’t look at anybody in front of her food.

Here she is enjoying her pizza bites. She has some makeup but that has faded out.

I hope you enjoyed watching Sofia Vergara’s no makeup pictures. Comment down the name of the celebrity you want to see without makeup.

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