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Shraddha Kapoor Skincare and Haircare Routine

The cutest and kindest female celebrity in the Bollywood industry is one and only Shraddha Kapoor. There is no one like Shraddha Kapoor whose so down to earth personality even after achieving such huge success and proud.

In this article, we will talk about Shraddha Kapoor skincare and haircare routine. We will see what tips and secrets to shraddha’s beauty and what tips she wants to share with every girl out there.

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source: Instagram [@shraddhakapoor]

Shraddha Kapoor Beauty Stat

Age33 years
Face Shape TypeDiamond
Body Shape TypeRectangle
Eye ColorHazel Brown
Hair ColorMedium Brown
Hair TypeNatural Straight
Height5’5” Feet
Body Measurements34-25-34
Weight52 kg
Birthday3rd March 1987

You can see from the stat that the Shraddha Kapoor has a well-maintained body shape and perfect face shape. Let’s see Shraddha Kapoor skincare and haircare routine.

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How To Get Flawless Skin and Hair Like Shraddha Kapoor

So, how to get flawless skin and hair like Shraddha Kapoor? Let’s see what tips Shraddha Kapoor gives to get glowing skin and hairs as she and we will also see her health care routine.

Drinks Enough Water:

Shraddha always mentioned in her interviews that she keeps herself hydrated by drinking lots of water a day and also coconut water once a day and she also suggests the same thing to you.

Get a Good Night Sleep:

Shraddha makes sure that she completed her 7 – 7 1/2 hour of a good night sleep every day to take out all her stress and make herself completely fresh. Also, she avoids oversleeping that cause headache for her.

Removing Makeup Before Going To Bed:

Shraddha takes care of her skin very and prevents it from makeup and cosmetic damage so she always makes sure to wipe up all the makeup and wash her face before sleeping and also she wants to follow this by everyone.

Off Work No Makeup Look

Shraddha Kapoor always wants her skin to breathe and hence whenever she is off work she keeps her skin and hair nude without any makeup and any extra brushing to hairs.

Uses HomeMade FaceMask

Shraddha Kapoor believes in a homemade mask for the face and she called it a secret beauty recipe. Her stylist Namrata’s mom use to make a gram flour mask for shraddha and Namrata that she loves to have on her skin.

Oiling Hair and Scalp Frequently

Shraddha always ask her mother to oil her hair whenever it is possible and which quite frequent. She mositurize her scalp and hair with organic hair oil from Khadi.
She use Loreal or body shop shampoo and use loreal serum for freez free hairs.

Healthcare Routine Of Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha kapoor skincare 3

Shraddha is so conscious about her health and hence takes care of the following few things to keep herself fit and healthy.

Turns To Vegan

Shraddha Kapoor announced in one of her interviews that she turns out to vegan and that she if finding a little difficult to carry on but also enjoying it a lot. She loved an almond kheer(dessert) made by her mother after she turned vegan and that became her favourite vegan dessert.

Engage Herself in Movements

Shraddha keeps her body engaged doing lots of household chores such as she cleans out her room, she shifts thinks here and there also she uses a ladder to keep her things not easy to reach. She takes stairs instead of lifts whenever it is possible.

Gym Workout

Whenever there is a requirement of certain physics for a film she goes to the gym and does a lot of workouts required for it.

Avoid Unhealthy Food

Shraddha loves eating healthy fruits and veggies like mango, ladyfinger, etc. She usually avoids eating junk food and in her opinion, it showed up all outside what you eat inside so avoid junk food. Shraddha mostly prefers Indian food but different every time.

Watch the Shraddha Kapoor interview video by Femina where she shared her beauty secrets.

What’s In Shraddha Kapoor’s Bag

Shraddha Kapoor is a very natural person and hence there is not a lot of makeup product she uses to keep in her bag. She always has a body shop lip balm, moisturizer, and sometimes concealer.

Tip From Shraddha:
Shraddha wants to tell everyone to be the happiest person inside because the more your happy the more you look beautiful.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

What is the weight difference between Alia and Shraddha?

The answer is 3 kg or 6 lbs. The difference between Alia and shraddha weight is 3 kg or 6 lbs. Alia’s weight is 55kg and shraddha’s weight is 52kg.

Who is better in Shraddha and Disha?

The answer is shraddha if we talk about acting skills. Shraddha got lots of chances to act in movies as compare to Disha. If by look both are fab, hot Bollywood actress.

What Facewash Shraddha Kapoor Use?

The answer is Cetaphil facewash. Shraddha Kapoor uses to wash her face with Cetaphil face wash and then moisturize it well.

Which Lip Balm Shraddha Kappor Uses?

The answer is Body shop Amazonian Lip balm. Shraddha Kapoor uses lots of body shop product and Amazonian lip balm is one of them

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