How To Prepare Your Skin For Christmas Parties

How To Prepare Your Skin For Christmas Parties

Why do you need to prepare your skin for Christmas?

Guys, from the October end to the November first week there is a tremendous change happens in weather temperature. In short, after Halloween, the winter season gets started.

Suddenly the coziness disappears, and the extremely cold air starts to flow outdoor. If your skin is not prepared already for it then it is definitely going to get dry, cracked, and dull.

So In this article, we will see how you can take care of your skin and how you can prepare your skin for Christmas parties so that your skin will glow and shine during the entire festive season.

10 Tips To Prepare Your Skin For Christmas Parties:

  • New Moisturizing Tips
  • Right Use Of Toners
  • Hydrating Masks
  • Beauty Sleep
  • 8 Glass of Water Treatment
  • Changes in Clothing
  • Waxing Your Hairs
  • No Makeup till Christmas
  • Have a Healthy Skin Diet
  • Avoid getting sick

This is a short overview of the entire 10 tips, let’s check one by one what every step actually means and what changes you need to done in your routine.

New Moisturizing Tips

As you are preparing your skin for Christmas which falls in winter then the obvious and mandatory first step come is moisturizing.

First thing in the morning,
Wash Your face with lukewarm water.
Massage your face with massage cream for 10 minutes
Apply Lip Balm To Lips and give it a massage too

After Bath
Wash your face with a creamy face wash that won’t dry your face
Just after a bath while the face is damp apply a good amount of moisturizer throughout your face and neck and body. You can use light moisturizer here if your skin gets oily.
Again don’t forget your lips.

Before Going to bed
Take warm water to cleanse your face with a cleanser thoroughly and remove all the dirt.
Apply a thick moisturizer, take in high quantity, and apply to your skin by giving a nice massage. Let the moisturizer moisturize your skin deeply.
Lips balm is a must again. You can apply lip balm 4-5 times a day.

Tip: Never ever use a Coldwater for your skin during the winter season. Even though you do not have dry skin the extra coolness makes your skin dry.

Right Use Of Toners

Now it’s time for toner. Does it really need it? the answer is a big yes.

The job of toner is to maintain the PH level of your skin and make your skin look fresh without irritation and without losing your natural glow.

For getting this soft skin, choose a moisturizing toner that provides extra moisture to your skin and helps it to fight dryness.

Hydrating Masks

Oh my god, hydrating masks are such a great invention for giving your skin instant relaxation and freshness.

Try to use hydrating masks twice a week throughout this winter routine. You can also use it during the festive season 2-3 hrs before doing makeup.

A hydrating mask is one of the secret ingredients of Korean beauty.

And also use a natural homemade mask every two days before going to bed. In that, you can have a banana, honey, milk cream, curd, turmeric, etc.

Beauty Sleep

Do not compromise on your 7 hours of beauty sleep during this period.

Let me tell you if you don’t sleep well, no makeup can help you in hiding your tiredness and dull face.

Create a cozy environment with a room heater so that you can take a nice sleep without any disturbance.

8 Glass of Water Treatment

The next tip to prepare your skin for Christmas is to take a water treatment.

There are very high chances of drinking less water as you don’t feel thirsty in cold weather.

But you must have to drink 8 glasses of water a day to hydrate your body and skin.

Take normal temperature water not so cold and not so hot.

Good Note: A hydrated and moisturized skin can hold makeup longer, looks real, and glow more.

Changes in Clothing

There is no doubt you wear different clothes in winter. Here the meaning of changes in clothing is to protect your skin.

Make sure you protect your skin from cold ass much as possible. Try to cover your entire body and your face whenever you are outside of the house.

Choose your winter clothes that will not hurt you or irritate your skin.

Waxing Your Hairs

On winter days we stay more inside and do not goes out more frequently. Also, we wear full clothes so don’t think about body hair.

But you should wax your hair even in winter because it helps in removing all the dead skin and dry outer dead layer.

You will get a soft new skin that you can take care of more nicely.

Also, exfoliate your skin once a week to remove dead skin. Do not over-exfoliate.

No Makeup till Christmas

The most important tip in all 10 tips is to avoid wearing makeup every day. When you wear makeup your skin needs extra care and attention.

Especially if you have dry skin, wearing makeup can make it worse.

So if possible try to avoid it completely or go for very light makeup just lipstick and liner.

Make sure to clean your face and remove makeup completely.

Have a Healthy Skin Diet

It is no more a secret now that what you look is all about what you eat.

Prepare your diet plan and add vegetable and fruits that boost collagen, and gives vitamins E, C and A. Have fewer cheat days, Even on the cheat day eat fruits and proteins in the morning breakfast.

Help your skin by eating healthy it will never disappoint you.

Avoid getting sick

The last tip to prepare your skin for Christmas is to avoid getting sick.

There are chances you will cold and fever due to the coolness outside. Cold and fever highly affect your skin. Your skin looks dull, you get acne and dark patches.

So take care of your health and avoid getting sick so that your skin will support you till the festive season.

If you have taken full beauty benefits from pumpkin then your skin might be doing well and not get easily affected by coolness in the air.

These are all the amazing tips to prepare your skin for Christmas parties. I hope you like this article and that it helped you get your makeup ready soft supple skin on Christmas.

Merry Christmas in advance!

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