Oil Pulling, oil pulling benefits, Oil pulling for oral health but what is oil pulling? Don’t worry this complete article is on what is oil pulling from where it came and oil pulling benefits and how it improves your oral health so be with me till the end.

Don’t forget to check out the answers to a few FAQs related to oil pulling and oil pulling benefits at the end of this article.

Here Are 11 Oil Pulling Benefits:

We will start with the very first benefit i.e Boosts Immune System and will end on Weight Loss. Let’s get started.

#1 Boost Immune System:

1 Boost Immune System
  • Oil pulling frees up your immune system and our immune system is our bodyguard to fight with external viruses and bacteria.
  • An increase in the immune system helps you feel energetic and fresh all the time as your body can fight with all the tiredness and fatigue.

#2 Reduces Bad Breath:

2 Reduce Bad Breath
  • Bad Breath is the most annoying oral health problem of people especially when you have to work for a longer time in the office and you did not feel fresh inside the mouth.
  • This the very popular oil pulling benefits which prevent you from the embarrassment of bad breath.
  • If you want to go for a natural remedy instead of mouth freshener you can try this remedy.

#3 Whiten The Teeth:

3 Whiten The Teeth
  • This is another oral health benefit of oil pulling that it starts whitening your teeth if you do it regularly.
  • If you are chasing for a photogenic smile with brighter, whiter teeth you can easily try oil pulling.
  • Most of the people see results after a few days they started doing oil pulling.

#4 Prevents Cavity:

4 Prevents Cavity
  • When you swish the oil into your mouth, this movement removes food stuck into the teeth and also removes other impurities stuck to the teeth.
  • Oil pulling kills the harmful bacteria that decays your teeth and help to reduce this number of bacteria like mouthwash. In this way, it prevents cavity generation on the teeth.

#5 Build Stronger Gums:

5 Build Stronger Gums
  • Some people face gum diseases like red gums and swollen gums which sometimes bleeds. If this enters into your stomach that can create digestion problems too.
  • Oil Pulling can help to reduce the harmful bacteria which causes gum inflammation and redness and this in result improves gum health.

#6 Removes Impurities from the Mouth:

6 Removes Impurities from the Mouth
  • Your Mouth can store lots of impurities generated by undigested food, mouth dryness, etc these result into oral health issues such as bad breath, white layer on the tongue, teeth decaying, and gum bleeding.
  • Oil pulling removes all the impurities and undigested food from your mouth and teeth which directly reduce the chances of harmful bacteria that can be generated with those impurities.

#7 Help To Clear Skin Problem:

7 Help to Clear Skin Problems
  • Oil pulling helps to remove toxins from your body and that makes people experience clear acne-free skin after trying this.
  • Though it has limited research still there are some people on youtube who personally tried this and experienced this oil pulling benefit on their skin.
  • When you swish the oil continuously for 20 min you do a facing movement for a longer time and this can also be the reason behind it.

#8 Gives Natural Pink Lips:

8 Gives Natural Pink Lips
  • Your Lip’s skin is so delicate, and it gets dried and darker if it’s dehydrated. Oil Pulling Moisturize and hydrate your lips and gives you a natural pink colour to your lips.
  • Fit Tuber has also experienced an oil-pulling benefits after trying it on its own.

#9 Helps to relieve headache & sinuses:

9 Helps to relieve headache & sinuses
  • Relieving neck muscle, stress, headache, and the hangover is the most experienced oil pulling benefit. Some also experienced a sinus pain relief after swishing the oil.
  • You must be thinking of how swishing can help with sinus, let me tell you what I think about it When you are swishing the oil around your mouth you are doing jaw movements and doing lymphatic circulation around the sinus and this may be the reason.

#10 Improves Digestion:

10 Improves Digestion
  • Do you know poor oral health can leads to Digestive issues? If you are not healthy in your mouth then you may lead to face digestion issues and constipation problems.
  • Oil pulling helps improve your digestion by killing bacteria from the mouth and removing toxins and impurities that can disturb your digestion.

#11 Weight Loss:

11 Weight Loss
  • Oil Pulling may help in weight loss if doing it for a more extended period and in a proper way. It is a long journey to notice oil-pulling benefits for weight loss.
  • As it is removing toxins from your body it is all way beneficial and prevents you from the disease if you are clean inside there.

The research about oil pulling is limited and all the benefits are the observation of people who tried it and experienced it. So if you want you can have a suggestion of your doctor before trying this.

What is Oil Pulling, and From where does it come?

Oil Pulling is nothing but an ancient Ayurveda practice named Kaval / Gandusha which has dozens of health benefits explained in Ayurveda and it has first described in ancient text 5000 years ago.

In Kaval you need to take 1-2 spoon of oil and swish and gargle with it for a few minutes and then throw it out. In Gandusha, you need to fill your mouth with oil so that you can not move it within your mouth, hold it for few minutes and throw it out.

How does Oil Pulling Works?

Our mouth is the path of a straight highway for bacteria to quickly enter our body. Most of the micro-organism is covered with the lipid membrane which is nothing but the cell’s skin. These lipids are not soluble in water but in oil. Hence, when these come in contact with the oil, it attracts it.

In this way, all the toxic from your mouth get stick to the oil and when you throw it up you throw all the toxins from your body.

Steps To Perform Oil Pulling:

  1. Take one tablespoon of coconut oil or sesame oil into your mouth.
  2. Swish it around your mouth for 20 minutes. You can start with 3-4 minutes.
  3. Spit the oil in the bin. Don’t spit in the sink it can clog it.
  4. Swish with lukewarm salty water to remove oil and then brush your teeth nicely.

Don’ts For Oil Pulling:

  1. Do not swallow a single drop of oil as it has toxins. Be careful while doing it.
  2. Does not breathe with your mouth it may trigger you to swallow the oil.
  3. Do not fill your mouth with an excess of oil that you can not bear.

I hope this article helped to solve your query about oil pulling and oil pulling benefits!

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Let’s see some FAQ for this article:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Do you brush your teeth before or after oil pulling?

The answer is “It is okay if you don’t brush before doing oil pulling but you must brush your teeth after oil pulling like a regular routine”

What is the best oil for oil pulling?

The Answer is Virgin Coconut Oil. The oil pulling should be done with virgin oil only and coconut oil and sesame oil are suggested by experts but most people choose coconut oil.

How often should I oil pull?

The answer is once in a day. There is no restriction on how many times you should do it. You can do it every day, twice a week, or once a week. it all depends on your comfort level.

Can I drink water after oil pulling?

The answer is yes but after brushing. Make sure you properly clean your mouth after oil pulling so that you do not swallow a single drop of oil that contains toxins.