You might have searched much time for skincare tips, do’s and don’ts for the skin, and not even think about nails.

Do you even think that you might be making some common mistakes ruining your nails?

In these articles, I am sharing all the mistakes you commonly make and do not even realize.

If you are dreaming of beautiful nails, then first avoid these mistakes that are destroying your nail’s look.

Avoid These 12 Mistakes Ruining Your Nails:

Will start with the most common mistake Digging into Cuticles as you feel you are cleaning, but you are actually damaging them.

And going down, we will finish on the mistake that  99% of women make i.e., Wearing Nail-Polish for Weeks. Let’s quickly see all the mistakes in detail.

  1. Digging Into Cuticles
  2. Using Nails as a Tool
  3. Biting Nails
  4. Scratching Nail-Polish Off
  5. Ignoring Base Coat
  6. Excess Use of Aceton
  7. Missing Healthy Intakes
  8. Not Maintaining Hygiene
  9. Filing nails in a back-forth Direction
  10. Not Trimming Regularly
  11. Avoiding Cleaning Gloves
  12. Wearing Nail-Polish for Weeks

#1 Digging Into Cuticles:

  • It is good to keep your cuticles clean but make sure not to be too harsh on it. You can gently clean your cuticles with the orange wooden stick than any metal stick.
  • Frequent Digging into cuticles may lead to infection and irritation. Your cuticles are to protect your nails from getting bacterial infections, so when you cut your cuticles frequently, that means you are giving a chance for bacteria to enter it.
  • When you push back your cuticles beyond the limit to look your nails long, your nails may start bleeding, which is not good for your nail’s health and doesn’t look good.

#2 Using Nails as a Tool:

  • This the most common mistakes all do, Opening a can with nails, peeling off stickers, scraping off gunk from the floor or table, tapping nails on a table to make a sound, and trying to pull something from smaller areas.
  • Your nails are not some kind of tool so stop using them as a tool. While doing so your nails get scratches and breakouts, and this not only looks bad but hurts you the most.
  • If your nail gets a high amount of force, it may break from its tip, and this is the common cause for every girl facing nail breaking situation.

#3 Biting Nails:

  • Have you ever shortened the hair length by pulling it and breaking it? No, Right. Then why to do this with your nails.
  • Your nails grow slower when you bite it with your teeth. When you bite your nails it gets pulled in an asymmetric way and that looks completely messy.
  • By messing up your nails look you have been also eating dust and germ stored under nails.

Solution: Whenever your hand comes near to your teeth start thinking of all the dirty things you may have touched throughout the day and I hope this will prevent you from biting your nails.

#4 Scratching Nail-Polish Off:

  • Many of us have a habit of scratching the nail polish from our nails, especially when you are thinking of something and unconsciously we keep on scratching our nails.
  • Also, many people have a habit of peeling off the remaining nail polish from the nails when it starts chipping. This mistake you have to avoid to stop ruining your nails.
  • when you scratch nail polish with the nails, you damage the nail plate. your nails become dry and may get lots of scratches and that may look like dead skin.

#5 Ignoring Base Coat:

  • This is the very frequently doing mistake that can ruin your nails as the maximum of people forget to use a base coat before applying nail polish and the real thing is they don’t feel it necessary.
  • Once you know the benefits of applying the base coat you will never miss it again. Basecoat prevents the staining of nail paints, it makes your manicure last longer, It prevents your nail plate from getting damage by the use of acetone.

#6 Excess Use of Aceton:

  • Aceton is a liquid substance that is soluble into the water and mostly used to remove nail polish from the nails. Frequent use of acetone makes your nails dry and may lead to splitting.
  • This may cause nail infection so go for the acetone-free nail paint remover and if you can’t then don’t change your nail color on a daily basis. Please avoid this mistake to prevent your nails from destroying.

#7 Missing Healthy Intakes:

  • Your nails may look drier and dead if you are not having healthy food intakes or having a deficiency. The deficiency of vitamin C can lead to brittle nails.
  • Biotin, iron, magnesium, the protein will help you get healthy shiny, and longs nail so make sure you are taking food that is full of vitamins and proteins.
  • Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated by drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day.

#8 Not Maintaining Hygiene:

  • Maintaining good Hygiene is anytime beneficial for our body and health. It is also important to keep your nails clean always.
  • If you do not maintain nails Hygiene then you may get bacterial or fungal infection into your nails which will damage your nails.
  • Dirty nails can also cause stomach problems and our hands are a direct way for bacteria to enter into our body.

#9 Filing nails in back-forth Direction:

  • I can understand everyone likes well-shaped nails and for that, you may use to file your nails but there is one thing to keep into your mind while filing your nails that you file it in only one direction.
  • If you File your nails in Back Forth Direction it will create a sawing motion and may weaken your nails.
  • Make sure you are doing filing to make the nail edges smoother and not for breaking it.

#10 Not Trimming Regularly:

  1. We trim our hairs regularly to keep it healthy and to grow faster the same way you should trim your nails on a regular basis to keep them healthy and to enhance its growth.
  2. Our nails get cracks due to various reasons at the edges and that may increase and may lead to nail breaks from the ends so trim your nails after every 2 weeks or depend on your nail growth.
  3. It is important to keep your nails to the proper length so make sure your trim your nails once you achieve your desired height.

#11 Avoiding Cleaning Gloves:

  • Soaking your nails into the water for longer times may weaken your nails and it can break easily.
  • So whenever you come in contact with water for a longer period of time make sure you use gloves so that your nails not get soaked into water.
  • This is a very common mistake ruining your nails as you always become lazy to wear it.

#12 Wearing Nail-Polish for Weeks:

  • Wearing nail-Polish for weeks has become the habit of lots of people but which is not good for your nails health and it has several disadvantages too.
  • Remove your nail paint after 10-12 max wearing it for long may leave a stain on your nails which makes your nails even drier.
  • If you do remove your nail polish for long it may damage the top layer of your nail and may cause fungal infection into it and it may lead to permanent damage to your nails.

I hope you like articles related to 12 Mistakes Ruining Your Nails!

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Now let’s see a few FAQs related to Mistakes Ruining Your Nails and nail care.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Why do nails turn yellow?

The answer is Fungal Infection. Most people get the yellow color to their nails because they don’t follow the nail’s hygiene by allowing germs/dirt to enter into it and this will eventually cause a fungal infection resulting in yellow-colored nails.
In very rare cases, nails reflect inner body health it means nails turned out too yellow colors if you are not well inside or have diabetes, thyroid, etc.

What Vitamin Are you lacking when you have ridges in your nails?

The answer is Calcium. If your body does not get enough Calcium, proteins, zinc, Vitamin A then the deficiency of these things can lead to ridges on fingernails.
The fingernail’s ridges are caused mainly due to drying of the nails or any other skin problems like eczema. Make sure you take a proper diet full of vitamins and proteins.
Please see the doctor if your ridges are not getting cured by basic precautions.

Do cuticles need to be pushed back?

The answer is Yes. It is always better to push back your cuticles instead of cutting them. The role of the cuticle is to protect nails and its surrounding area from entering outer bacteria and when you cut down your cuticles you will make a straight path for bacteria to enter into your nails.
So if you really want to make your nails long during manicure you can push it back instead of cutting it.