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megan fox no makeup photo gallery

She is a very talented actress and great model and she is Megan Fox. You may have seen famous transformer movie actress Megan in different makeup looks.

But it’s time to watch Megan Fox no makeup pictures. This gallery will reveal everything about her. If she had gone through any surgery? If she had skin issues? Her real beauty stat, etc.

15 Unrecognizable Megan Fox No Makeup Photos 2021:

First, let’s see the life journey of Megan Fox without makeup. This is how she has grown up and how her facial and body features got changed throughout her journey till now.

Megan Fox’s Life Journey

There are many changes that happened as we grow up and the same happened to her she might have used braces for her teeth, a bleach for her hair.

She used to be so hairy on the face during her teenage so she must have gone through the treatment to remove it permanently.

Her nose got sharpened and her lips got bigger, her boobs feel visible enough. Is it plastic surgery or a miracle? Check more pictures for that.

Megan Fox No Makeup Selfie

  • Hair Color – Dark Brown
  • Eyes Color – Blue
  • Hair Type – Soft Waves
  • Body Shape Type – Inverted Triangle
  • Face Shape Type – Square
  • Age – 34 years
  • Birthday – 16 May 1986
  • Birthplace – Oak, Ridge, Tennessee US
  • Height – 5 ft 4 in
  • Weight – 52 kg
  • Measurements – 34 – 22 – 32 inches
  • Net Worth – $60 Million
  • Father Name – Franklin Thomas Fox
  • Mother Name – Gloria Darlene
  • Sister – Kristi Branim Fox
  • Husband – Brian Austin green [2010-2020]

This is Megan Fox’s selfie without any makeup product on her face. And here is the information about her real hair color, eye color, body measurements, and bio, etc.

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Megan Worn Cap To Hide Her Face

Here In this picture, Megan went out to bring some house stuff and she wore a cap to hide her face. She mostly used a cap whenever she is out maybe she wants to protect herself from the sun and the camera.

megan foxgym

Looking Cute In The Specs

This is the very popular look that makes her fans go crazy about her.

These square shape glasses look so cute on her face. I think she is lucky enough that she looks far better with specs.

megan fox no makeup15

Pictures Of Megan Fox Before And After Surgey

The news about Megan’s surgery got too viral 2 years back but is it true?

You can see the visible changes in her nose and lips by comparing these two pictures.

This shows she must have gone through plastic surgery to slim down the nose from the sides and to plump the lips but Megan has completely refused it.


Megan Fox Was Sacred About Her Acne-Prone Skin

You may try to be indoors when you are facing skin issues.. right?

Just like that Megan used to feel shy, insure, and underconfident about her skin as she had a bad acne-prone skin condition.

Later she treated her skin well and cure her problem completely.


Selfie With Her Child

Who will believe this super cool, beautiful lady is the mother of 3 kids. Here she had clicked a selfie with her child who is so cute. Look at the way she is looking at the camera.

megan fox outdoor

It’s So Hot Outdoor

Megan went makeup-free on a sunny day. She was feeling so hot that’s why she used her hand as a fan to get some air.

What was that black dot on her chin?


Megan Fox Captured Outside The Gym

This is Megan fox without makeup picture captured when she was going to the gym. She used to go regularly without any cheating and that is why she has managed to have a 22-inch waist even after 3 kids.

Megan loves Pilate, she used to do it for hours as it’s her favorite workout part.

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