I can really understand no matter what you wear on your lashes it will liquefy and melted down on your cheeks while enjoying pool parties.

To save yourself from embarassments, Today I have come up with really cool ways to make your old mascara waterproof.

You can try these tricks that will surely help in keeping mascara waterproof for the longest possible time.

How To Make Your Old Mascara Waterproof?

So here is the list of 3 easy ways to make your mascara waterproof and make it stay on your lashes for a long time when you are enjoying the water.

  1. Use a Topcoat On Your Mascara
  2. Add Hairspray To Your Mascara Tube
  3. Spray Hairspray On your Lashes

# 1 Use A Topcoat

Now the very safest way and the proper way to make your mascara stay long is to use a top coat over it. There are so many brands that have very good quality topcoats.

If you want us to review it, let us know in the comment.

This product is specially made for use on your lashes so it is not going to give any harm to your lashes or any irritation to your eyes.

Apply your regular mascara the way you do every time and take a topcoat on its wand and apply it over the mascara on your lashes.

This topcoat not only makes your mascara waterproof but also gives a very fuller look illusion for your lashes so if you have thin eyelashes you must try this product.

Also, If you don’t know the correct way to remove fake eyelashes you can damage your natural lashes and their life so you can read Best Ways To Remove Fake Eyelashes.

#2 Add Hairspray Into Mascara Tube:

Our 2nd way is to add hairspray to the mascara tube. You might have heard about the hairspray trick and yes it is correct adding hairspray can make your mascara waterproof.

Take your mascara and remove its wand and place it on clothing to avoid mess. If your mascara is dried out completely you can add 2-3 drops of water to it and shake it well.

Now take your hairspray and place it as close as possible to the mascara tube opening. Now spray the hairspray 2-3 times and shake it well.

Shake it till you feel the consistency is proper and good to apply on lashes.

Now you can apply this mascara on your lashes whenever you are going to a pool party or water park.

#3 Spray Hairspray Directly On Your Lashes:

If you do not want to add hairspray to all your mascara but still want it to act waterproof for the day. You can try this third way.

Once you are done with a mascara coat, hold a hairspray 6 inches away from your body, close your eyes and spray it on your lashes directly.

Note: Hairspray is not made to use on your lashes so there are very high chances to get irritation in your eyes. You need to use it very carefully or the best way is to buy one topcoat for you.

These are all the best ways available in the world to make your mascara waterproof. I hope this will help you sort out your problem and you will choose the right way to do that.

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