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katie couric no makeup photos gallery

Katie Couric, full name Kathrine Anne Couric is a popular American television broadcaster journalist, who won the hearts of millions of people in America with her talent and presence of mind.

For everyday routine, Katie wore very little makeup just to enhance her real features a little more. She says her eyes just disappear if she doesn’t wear any mascara and lipstick groomed herself very nicely.

So we have seen her wearing very little makeup but today in this article you will get to see Katie Couric no makeup picture, bare face selfies, outdoor makeup-free photos with her real personal information.

12+ Pictures Of Katie Couric No Makeup Look:

Katie Couric Went Out For Walk Without Wearing Any Makeup

katie couric nomakeu7
  • Real Name – Katherine Anne Couric
  • Hair Color – Blonde
  • Eyes Color – Green
  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Body Shape Type – Hourglass
  • Face Shape Type – Heart
  • Age – 64 years
  • Birthday – 7th January 1957
  • Birthplace – Arlinton Country, Virginia, United States
  • Height – 5 ft 3 in
  • Weight – 55 kg
  • Measurements – 32-26-32 inches
  • Net Worth – $120 Million
  • Father – John Martin Couric
  • Mother – Elinor Tullie
  • Siblings – Emily Couric, John M. Couric Jr., Clara Couric Batchelor
  • Husband – John Molner
  • Kids – Elinor Tully Monahan, Caroline Couric Monahan

As we know Katie wear very little makeup everyday but here she went for her daily morning walk without using a single makeup product.

Katie has worn jeggings, jerkin and by seeing the picture you can say she is feeling so cold outside. And she has tightly wrapped herself inside the sweater.

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katie couric nomakeup3
katie couric nomakeup2

Katie Couric goes Makeup-Free For People Magzine’s Beautiful Issue

Okay, this news got too viral when Katie Couric has been asked to come makeup-less at People Magzine.

Katie was also in a big shock at first but later she accepted her real beauty and also accepted the invitation.

Katie has shared a lot many things and her view about real beauty. She says makeup is important but not that much that hides your identity, smile lines.

katie couric nomakeup10

Katie Couric Chillin At Beach Side

In this picture, Katie is just chilling at the beachside wearing so casual clothes and a beautiful smile on her face.

Her calmness and coolness are blowing out of this picture.

katie couric nomakeup9

Katie Couric Spreading Her Positive Vibes at Airport

Katie doesnt feel uncomfortable to go without makeup anywhere as she clearly know the meaning of real beauty.

Here Katie went To Airport without wearing any makeup but has worn a beautiful smile on her face.

katie couric nomakeup5

Katie Lying On Bed

Here Katie is lying down on her bed and clicked a no-makeup picture to inspire and motivate her fans to embrace themselves the way they are. She has posted this picture on social media saying start accepting yourself the way you are.

katie couric nomakeu6

Katie Couric Found Makeup-free Outdoor

This is close up of Katie ouric bare face. Yes, she has some signs of aging like wrinkles and uneven skintone.

But her skin shines like a baby and it is crystal clear the reason behind it is lots of water and healthy food.

Yes, Katie shared in a people’s magazine interview that she drinks lots of water to keep her whole body and skin hydrated and she tries very hard to have healthy food maximum time.

katie couric nomakeup12

Katie Couric Showing Her Arm Muscles

Oho, just look at this lady who will say she is aging. As she is aging she is getting more energetic and fit, do you think the same?

Her arm strength is more than any young guy we an say, wow its amazing.

katie couric nomakeup8

Katie Couric Without Makeup Photo In The Morning

She Frequently posts her no makeup picture on social media to motivate people to stay happy with what they are in real.

katie couric nomakeup1

Katie Couric Mesed Look At Streets

Here Katie went in crowd without worrying any judgmental openion of people.

But here she is not looking as pretty as she looks every time. Maybe she was not feeling good at that time. Her skin, lips are looking dehydrated her hair completely messed up. It’s looking like she came out of a very strong storm.

katie couric nomakeup4

Katie Arrived Without Makeup At Work

This was the picture of Katie when she was working for daytime television. She was about 55 years old and since then she is famous for her no-makeup looks and bare-faced photos.

Here she arrived at daytime television without wearing any makeup.

katie couric nomakeup13

Katie Is Working Hard In The Gym

We all know Katie has really strong muscles and a perfect body even at this age and that too comes with a really hard workout. Here Katie Couric is working so hard in the gym with her beautiful smile.

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