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Jeffree star no makeup photos gallery

Jeffree star is a very brilliant and smart personality who is a singer, YouTuber, and a very famous makeup artist.

We all have seen Jeffree him in different makeup looks but I am 100% sure you have seen Jeffree star no makeup photos yet.

Here are 12+ Jefree star no makeup photos that will leave you surprised after watching it. You will get to see Jeffree stars before fame picture, no wig photo, before plastic surgery face cut, etc.

Best No Makeup
jeffree star no makeup 9

Jeffree Star No Makeup Photo

While Enjoying Drink

  • Hair Color – Blonde
  • Eyes Color – Dark Brown
  • Hair Type – Natural Straight
  • Body Shape Type – Inverted Triangle
  • Face Shape Type – Oval
  • Age – 35 years
  • Birthday – 15 November 1985
  • Birthplace – Los Angeles, California
  • Height – 6 ft 1 in
  • Weight – 73 kg
  • Measurements – 36 – 25 – 34 inches
  • Net Worth – $15 Million
  • Father Name – Glen Steininger
  • Mother Name – Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger

In the above picture, Jeffree has worn a white robe and he is enjoying his morning drink that gives a freshness within.

Did You know Jeffree Star is a 5th highest paid youtuber star as of December 2018?

jefree star without makeup crying

Jeffree Could’nt Hide The Pain Of Heart Break

Jeffree got separated from his long-time partner and boyfriend. While revealing the secret he got emotional and started crying.

jeffree star no makeup 1

Jeffree Star without Makeup Photo With James Charles

James and Jeffree had played a challenge where James did the makeup of Jeffree. Here you can see the bare face of Jeffree.

jeffree star no makeup 3

Jeffree Star Getting Ready

Here Jeffree is in a robe and he is about to get ready for the shoot. This picture is before putting any makeup on his face.

jefree star without makeup

Giving Angry Looks

Jeffree was going through very tough time in his life and that why is used to be sad all the time. He gave an angry look t the camera as he doesn’t want his feelings to come out.

jeffree star no makeup 4

Young Jeffree Star Before Surgery

This picture of Jeffree star is clicked when he was too young. He is looking like a cool college-going guy. Jeffree looks so different after he had gone through the surgery but this is the real face cut of him.

jeffree star no makeup 6

Cool Hairstyle Of Jeffree Star

Jeffree never went out of fashion. This is how Jefree star looks before getting fame. Comment on what you feel about his hairstyle in this picture? Is it a cactus hairstyle?

jeffree star no makeup 10

Cool Young Jeffree Star Showing His Tattoos In Gym

Jeffree was too fitness freak when he was young and he loved going to the gym frequently. Could you see his fitness in the picture? He was actually trying to show his tattoos here.

jefree star crying

Cried His Heart Out

Jeffree is a very soft-hearted person and he can’t hide his emotions for a longer time. Finally, he cried his heart out after broke up with his long-time boyfriens.

jeffree star no makeup 7

Jeffree Star Without Makeup Old photo

This is one of the old pictures of Jeffree with his friend.

This is how Jefree looks in short hairs He is looking so natural.

jeffree star no makeup 2

Jeffree Star With Boyfriend

This is Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend Andre Marhold. This picture is clicked when Jeffree was doing a challenge called My boyfriend does my makeup and this is before the picture of both.

These are all no makeup photos of Jeffree star. I hope you enjoyed watching it. Comment down your favorite picture.

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