Who don’t know the most popular male makeup artist James Charles? We all have seen him wearing different glamourous makeup looks.

But have you ever seen James Charles no makeup photo or the James Charles without any makeup on the face?

NO, Here you go this complete article will show you, James Charles no makeup photos showing his real beauty and real face, so stay tuned.

🌟 Best No Makeup
James charles no makeup 5

James Charles No Makeup Top Picture

Beauty Stats:

  • Hair Color – Brown
  • Eyes Color – Green
  • Hair Type – Wavy
  • Body Shape Type – Triangle
  • Face Shape Type – Oval
  • Age – 21 years
  • Birthday – 23 May 1999
  • Birthplace – Albany Country, New York, US
  • Height – 5 ft 9 in
  • Weight – 70 kg
  • Measurements – 44 – 30 – 35 inches
  • Father Name – Not Known
  • Mother Name – Not Known
  • Sibling – Not Known
  • Relationship – Single

This is the best no makeup photo of James Charles. His frickles and other skin spots are clearly visible. You can also see his face structure without any makeup.

James charles no makeup 8

Pictures Of James Charles Before and After Braces

There is a very huge change in the look of James you can see here. The first photo is during his teenage and next is current photo in 2021. You can see how braces and makeup changed James charles entire look.

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James charles no makeup 2

Image Of James Without Makeup Enjoying On the Beach

James was enjoying sea time throwing hot poses to the camera. This is one of those photos. He is looking stunning here, do you think the same?

James charles no makeup 6

James No Makeup Photo Showing Frickles on face

This picture of James Charles shows that no one is perfect. Everyone has flaws. James too has too many frickles on his face and he doesn’t feel shy to show them up on the camera.

James charles no makeup 4

Funny Picture of James Charles Without Makeup

This is James’s funny photo with his best friend. James Charles is a tall and handsome personality with approx 6 feet in height.

James charles no makeup 11

HOT James Charles No Makeup Photo

No doubt James looks too handsome in a guy look. He wore a shirt with a cap in this picture and giving hot look to the camera. He is looking dam hot and handsome without any makeup.

James charles no makeup 9

Kylie Jenner And James Charles No Makeup Selfie

James and Kylie have so many collaboration videos together. Here is one selfie picture of them without any makeup and showing their natural faces to the camera.

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James charles no makeup 13

Young James Charles Without Makeup Selfie

Here is another picture of James during his teenage. He is looking like a cute kid in this photo, He has worn a denim jacket and denim cap which is looking dam cool.

James charles no makeup 7

James Charles No Makeup Side Face Look

This is the side face of James Charles where you can see his face structure, nose shape, lip surgery. He has gone through lots of changes to his face which are noticeable if you compare before after photos of James Charles.

James charles no makeup 12

Weird Image Of James Charles Without Makeup

Here, James has worn big glasses and posing a little weird to the camera. I am not sure what he trying to do but it is looking childish.

James charles no makeup 3

James Charles No Makeup Selfie With His Pet

James loves to spend time with pets. Here is James’ pet dog ‘Theo’. He loves his pet more than anything else and this is a no-makeup selfie of both.

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