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Importanc of good office chair

Have you ever noticed your posture throughout the day while working from home? There are almost 75% of people who are working from home right now.

But have you think about your setup, your posture, your sitting position, and your place. If not yet then let me tell you, Soon you have to see the doctor.

Yeah, it is most important to have a proper setup where you have to work the whole day the day for months and years. Let me explain it in detail. So today we will be seeing what is the importance of a good chair while WFH.

This might be your current sitting postures while wfh.

Wrong Sitting Postures While WFH

Wrong sitting postures

You will feel this as a comfortable postures for you for one day or two but you may have to pay a lot for recovering your back pain with this.

You can help your back and avoid all these mistakes that can lead you to seek the hospital with one good chair.

It is not always possible to have a flexible table available all the time but you can definitely have a good office chair.

Now as you know the importance of a good office chair while WFH, it is also important to know how the good office chair should look like and what is the correct posture of sitting on the chair.

Ideal position to sit on chair
Correct Sitting Posture on chair

How To Select A Good Office Chair

Let’s check what factors should be there in a good office chair.

Adjustable Height

1 Adjustable Height

The first thing for the correct office chair is to adjust the height of the chair according to your body measurements.

Your hands should be relaxing on the table, raise the height of the chair accordingly.

Your feet should be flat to the ground, if legs are not touching the floor take a stool or something to adjust the height.

Always remember the 90-90-90 formula. There should be always 90-degree angles between back & hips, thighs & legs, and legs & feet as shown in the above diagram.

Adjustable Armset

2 Adjustable Armset

The next thing to consider is the adjustable arm set.

Adjustable Arms will help to get your comfortable hand postures according to your arm size.

This helps a lot for long arm people as they find it difficult to get a perfect arm set according to their arm size.

Size Of Backrest With Recline Ability

3 Size Of Backrest With Recline Ability

Your chair should have a large back rest that will cover your entire back and gives perfect support.

The chair should have a good reclined ability so that whenever you rest your back on it it will sustain your weight.

Adjustable Headset

4 Adjustable Headset

It is important to have head support for your chair.

Having head support prevents your neck from bending forward that can give you neck pain.

You can relax your head on the headset that too in a good posture.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

5 Adjustable Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is needed in the office chair to maintain a natural curve of your back.

You can not sit straight for hours that create stress on the spine.

So adjustable lumbar support helps you to get a natural back curve according to your back length.

Strong Base Pedestals

6 Strong Base Pedestals

The base should be enough strong to sustain the weight and prevents slipping.

When it comes to pedestals choose a chair that has five or more wheels for good stability.

Benefits & Importance of Good Office Chair While WFH:

Have a look at the benefits of having a good office chair. You will know more about the importance of good office chair while WFH.

Prevents Back and Neck Pain:

The good office chair gives you the correct posture or we ca say a ideal sitting postures.

As you are sitting in the correct position, you are preventing your back and your neck from extreme pain.

This is a very common problem in lots of people working from home, they face tremendous back pain, neck pain with the very little mistake of not having a proper working setup.

Improves Your Productivity:

When you feel comfortable in your chair, you will need a lesser breaks.

You can work for a long without getting pain and discomforts, This will increase your productivity.

Your boss will stop complaining and will start praising your quality work.

Saving More Money:

Wait, but the office chairs costs a lot. Yes it cost a little high but it will go with you in long run.

The good office chair is durable so it minimize every year investment in the chair.

Also the main benefit it saves your money required for treating MSDs disorder which causes due to poor postures.

Here you are saving a lot than you have investedin the good office chair.

I hope you understand the importance of good office chair while WFH and You will soon go for getting the best chair for you.

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