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human barbie without makeup

To look exactly like a barbie, Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova has taken a lot of plastic surgeries for her different body parts.

But here are some pics where she does not look like a barbie and like any other ordinary girl, she took selfies, pictures without wearing any makeup and a wig.

In this article, you will not only see a human barbie without makeup but you will also get to know everything real about her, her net worth, real beauty features, real bio, etc.

11+ Pictures Of Human Barbie Without Makeup:

Best No Makeup
human barbie no makeup9

Human Barbie Throwing Fitness Goals

Real Beauty Stats:

  • Hair Color – Brown
  • Eyes Color – Green
  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Body Shape Type – Inverted Triangle
  • Face Shape Type – Oval
  • Age – 35 years
  • Birthday -23 August 1985
  • Birthplace – Tiraspol, Moldova
  • Height – 5 ft 7 in
  • Weight – 44 kg
  • Measurements – 39-18-34 inches
  • Net Worth – $1 Million
  • Father Name – Valery Lukyanov
  • Mother Name – Ireena Pashkeeva
  • Spouse – Dmitry Shkrabov

In the above picture Valeria trying to click herself inside the mirror and want to show everyone her perfect body figure.

human barbie no makeup11

Human Barbie No Makeup Selfie

Here you can see Valeria is not looking like a barbie because she has not got ready and had not changed her few facial features with makeup.

human barbie no makeup4

Enjoying With Friends

Here she went outdoor to chill out with her friends, She has lying down on the grass and asked somebody to click her picture.

human barbie no makeup12

Valeria Valeryevna Lukyanova No Makeup Real Life Photo

Just like you and me, Valeria is also living a common man’s life. She was in her kitchen and see the mess over there. Here also she captured herself inside the mirror showing her abs.

human barbie no makeup10

Pre-makeup Selfie Of Valeria

She was getting ready for something and was sitting in front of her mirror with her products. This is a pre-makeup picture someone has clicked randomly that’s why Valeria is surprised here.

human barbie no makeup7

Enjoying Beach Time

She is a bit confused in posing to the camera that’s why she chose to give a commom natural pose by folding her hands.

Valeria is looking dam hot and sizzling what do you think?

human barbie no makeup13

Facing Skin Issues – Bad Skin Day

Where there is a bad skin day none of the products helps you. Here She is facing an acne issue on her face and there are also acne marks that have left her behind.

human barbie no makeup5

Latest Photo Of Human Barbie In 2021

This is what our barbie doing in 2021. She has started aging but that is not visible on her face yet. This is her pet cat and she tried to click a horror picture with her cat.

human barbie no makeup2

Let Me Just Chill

After a hectic and busy day, Barbie has finally got a bed, she doesn’t want to leave it but also wants to post something on Insta feed. This is the picture she has clicked for her Instagram story.

human barbie no makeup3

Photoshoot At Beach

Our barbie had a photoshoot fever at that time and she trying to snap a perfect picture posing in front of the sea. She did a very good job and looking dam cool in this photo.

dimtry shkrabov

Valeria With Husband Dmitry

Valeria got married to her best friend Dmitry and it’s their picture together. They got married in 2013 and at that time they decided to not planning for a baby ever.

human barbie no makeup8
human barbie no makeup5

Before and After Photos Of Human Barbie

You wanted to see the changes happende in human barbie then this is the perfect example this how she looked before tranforming to the barbie look.

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