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How To Use Different Types of Combs

There is really a need to understand what comb should use according to your hairs and its state.

You must be thinking why it is so important, can’t I use whatever comb I get in my hand first.

Using the wrong comb can be a reason for hair damage and hair fall. So Let’s stop doing the same mistake and be familiar with the different kinds of combs and their uses.

Like me, you must be having a bunch of hair combs, but I am sure you didn’t know if it is the correct comb for your hair or not.

12 Different Types of Hair Combs:

Here are the 12 Different combs You must know in your life.

  1. All-Purpose Comb
  2. Rat Tail Comb
  3. Rat Tail Comb with a Metal Tail
  4. Wide Tooth Comb
  5. Regular Comb
  6. Teaser Comb
  7. Afro Pick Comb
  8. Pitch Fork Comb
  9. Combination Comb
  10. Barber Comb
  11. Hair Coloring Comb
  12. Lice And Dandruff Removing Comb

Let’s discuss all the combs and theirs uses one by one and will start with our first Comb Which is All Purpose Comb. At the end of this article you will know how to use different types of combs for your hairs.

#1 All Purpose Comb:

1 All-Purpose Comb

From the name itself we can imagine its use. This type of comb will have two seperations one with medium teeth and another is of wide teeths.

How To Use:

This can be use to detangle your hairs with wider tooth of the comb.

You can arrange and set your hair with the help of finer tooth.

This can be the go-to hair comb that can fit easily into your bag and helps you to set your hair within no time.

#2 Rat Tail Comb:

2 Rat Tail Comb

This comb has a fine-tooth at the top and a very long tail for holding just like a tail of a rat that is a reason why it called a rat tail comb.

How To Use:

This type of comb are mainly used for doing different hairstyle.

With the help of its tail it is very easy to make partition and seperation of your hairs.

And the fine tooths helps to arrange the hairs in proper direction.

#3 Rat Tail Comb with a Metal Tail:

3 Rat Tail Comb with a Metal Tail

This comb is same like rat tail comb but with a metal tail instead of plastic. It can have medium to fine tooth.

How To Use:

This can be use for doing hairstyles just like rat tail comb.

The most important use of this comb is to remove dandruff from the scalp.

#4 Wide Teeth Comb:

4 Wide Tooth Comb

As the name suggests this comb having wider teeth and it is quite long to hold it in hand. It is also called as rake comb as has sufficient broad tail to hold.

How To Use:

Wide tooth comb should be use by the person having dense hairs and curly hairs.

This can easily go inside the dense hairs and removes tangles.

Everyone should prefer this type of comb for daily use when they are not going outside.

Hair Care Comb Set

Hair care Combs

Comb Types

  • Wide tooth rat tail comb
  • Fine tooth pin tail comb
  • 3 in 1 comb
  • Fine tooth rat tail comb
  • Coarse and Fine Toothed Pocket Comb
  • Tail Comb
  • Triple Teasing Comb
  • Waves Pick Comb
  • Detangling Comb.Styling comb

#5 Regular Comb:

5 Regular Comb

This is another type of comb that you can use on regular basis. This comb has medium to fine teeth separated in half-sections.

How To Use:

Use the medium tooth section for detangling of your hairs and the finer tooth section to arrange the hairs.

This comb is suitable for straight silky hairs and it is hard to comb dense and curly hairs wit this comb.

This can ripped off the curly hair if use for detangling.

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#6 Teaser Comb:

6 Teaser Comb

Teaser comb has long and short teeths with heavy density. This come generally has a tail for holding.

How To Use:

Teaser comb is designed to use for teasing which means proving density to the hair with backcombing.

This type of comb works best when it comes to creating a hairstyle with heavy volume.

#7 Afro Pick Comb:

7 Afro Pick Comb

Afro pick is in trend again to create a more volume to hairs. This comb has a hand to hold it and a long straight tooth.

How To Use:

This comb is use to create a volume for curly hairs by picking into the hairs and pulling outside.

You will have to pick small amounts of hairs closer to the roots into the comb and have to pull it upside or push forward direction.

This comb will create frizz inside your hairs and that will gives a volume to curly hairs.

#8 Pitch Fork Comb:

8 Pitch Fork Comb

This comb is the combination of teaser comb and a afro pick comb so you will not need to buy two seperate combs you can instead go for this one.

How To Use:

It can be use as a teaser comb for backcombing.

And also can be use as afro pick comb to create frizz inside curly hairs.

#9 Combination Comb:

9 Combination Comb

This comb has three types of teeth liner, wider and afro pick that’s why I call it as combination comb.

How To Use:

The liner side is use to create lining inside the hairs to make a hairstyle.

Wider side can be use for detangling and afro pick for creating volume.

#10 Barber Comb

10 Barber Comb

This comb has very fine teeth and a fine teeth both has their uses. This has perfect shape which gives a nice grip to hold in your hand than that of rat tail comb.

How To Use:

This comb is mostly used by barber for cutting hairs due to its nice grip.

The dine teeth of comb is use to remove knots from detangled hairs.

The vey fine teeth are use to hold the hairs at a distance from the scalp.

#11 Hair Coloring Comb:

11 Hair Coloring Comb

It is also called as hair coloring brush. Which has three rat tail, brush from one side and fine teeth from another side.

How To Use:

The rat tail is use to pick the strands of hairs.

The fine teeth help to svled the knots if appear and to arrange it properly.

With the help of brush you can apply color or hair mask to your hair.

#12 Lice And Dandruff Removing Comb:

12 Lice And Dandruff Removing Comb

This comb has a very fine metal teeth and a handle to hold it.

How To Use:

Detangled your hair with wider teeth comb first.

Comb your hairs from the root of the hairs to remove dandruff and lice from the scalp and hair.

This is all about how to use different types of comb for your hairs.

I hope you you like this article about how to use different types of combs and found it helpful. Thank you so much for reading.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Q 1: Which type of comb is best for thin hair?

The answer is a rake comb with medium to wide teeth. If your hairs are thin then you can not afford losing it more so use a wider comb for a regular basis and use a medium teeth rake comb for doing your hairstyle.
These combs will give fewer breakouts and hair fall.

Q 2: Is it better to brush or comb hair?

The answer is combing. There are lots of detangled brushes but it can create more frizz to your hair and if your hairs are thin it can give you early balding so combing hairs is always better than brushing.

Q 3: Is combing your hair backwards bad?

The answer is No. It is recommended that you should comb your hairs in all direction that will create sensation in your scalp and promote hair growth. It is good to comb your hair backward.

Q 4: Does combing hair help it grow?

The answer is yes but more precisely proper combing can help with hair growth.
It has been told by so many people that combing your hairs in inversion method stimulate the hair growth but make sure you are combing in such way your scalp will get massaged.
Do not pull your hairs badly it can lead to hair fall.

Q 5: How do you use a folding comb?

The answer is you can use a folding comb for doing hair cuts and while straightening of hairs. The Folding comb is good at holding hairs at the expected length.
You can comb the hairs with teeth and then lock it. You can do whatever with your hair, it will not move until you release it from the comb.

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