We all know today’s scenario of the world due to the pandemic situation. It is always a risk to go outside without a mask and also it is so uncomfortable to work out at the gym wearing a mask. So we left with the best option to stay fit and healthy without going to the gym at our home.

Now you must be thinking, How to stay fit without going to Gym, No worries Today I come up with the 12 Things you can easily do while working from home to get your fitness back.

Working from home feels so cozy but it can also take out your muscles and your fitness You can not afford to lose your fitness and immunity during this crisis so you can follow these 12 things to maintain your health and immunity.

How To Stay Fit Without Going To Gym:

  1. Plan Your Day Routine
  2. Do Cardio Workout at Home
  3. Add Yoga Poses To The Routine
  4. Zumba Dance
  5. Stairs Climbing
  6. Weight Lifting Workout
  7. Walk As Much As Possible
  8. Stop Eating Frequently
  9. Keep Watch On Calories Intake
  10. 8 Hours of Good Night Sleep
  11. 8 Glasses Of Plain Water a Day
  12. Take Complete Nutrition

#1 Plan Your Day Routine:

  • The first and most important thing you should do while working from home is to schedule your day so that you can find time for everything you want to do.
  • Make a plan and allocate time for your work, exercise, food, sleep, etc.
  • As human nature following a perfect schedule while working from home is a little bit tough but make sure you do all those things written in the plan in a day no matter what was the sequence.

#2 Do Cardio Workout at Home:

  • As we are seeing How to stay fit without going to Gym, the gym cardio workout should be replaced by some cardio workout that you can do at home.
  • You can do HIIT cardio workouts such as Jumping Jacks, Running at a place, Jumping squats, etc.
  • Do a Cardio workout every day for at least 30 minutes to get your fitness back.

#3 Add Yoga Poses To The Routine:

  • When you are working from home you should take care of body posture as sitting in one place for 8-9 hours can impact your overall body posture.
  • Do yoga poses to improve your body postures also that relieve your back and make your back stronger.
  • Do forward and backward bends, sun-salutation, Plank, Bow, Camel pose, etc.

#4 Zumba Dance:

  • Another option to keep yourself fit is dancing, Dancing engaged all your body parts and also relaxes your mind and your overall body.
  • After finishing your work you can do Zumba Dance to make yourself sweat and feel fresh and relaxed.
  • Zumba dance is the best option when you choose dancing as a fitness course. Watch Zumba dance videos on youtube and follow them, learn some steps, then play your favorite party music and dance on it.
  • Sounds amazing…yeah! Try it, It is more joyful in real.

#5 Stairs Climbing:

  • It is very easy to keep your legs in a rest position while you’re at home but it is hard to make your legs work inside your house.
  • You can take the stairs instead of the lift. Also if you have stairs inside your house. Use it and make them your best friend.
  • Your best friend-stairs will help you a lot in digestion and fat burning so do climb stairs and stay fit.

#6 Weight Lifting Workout:

  • Your Bones Need to be Challenged every time just like your brain needs to keep it working properly.
  • Weight lifting exercise Boosts your metabolism which helps you lose fat and also makes your bones stronger and fit.

#7 Walk As Much As Possible:

  • Make sure you walk at least 100 steps every hour. Take a break after every hour and walk.
  • Sitting at one place for longer is not good for your health it may cause back pain, indigestion, and heavy legs so it is a need of your body to take a walk after having a rest position for longer.
  • The more you walk the more you burn your calories and the more easily your body can digest the food. So this is the most important thing you should remember while working from home.

#8 Stop Eating Frequently:

  • When you are at home the timing of our snacks increases. As a normal human nature, you can easily get attracted to the snacks as the reach become so easy.
  • Every time you eat something your body generates insulin to digest that food. If your body creates excess insulin than the requirement you will gain weight, and body fat.
  • So Plan your meal and eat only three-time in a day. As you are mostly working at the rest position eating frequently will only give you indigestion and fat.

#9 Keep Watch On Calories Intake:

  • If you are really hoping to maintain your fitness and body shape in this situation then you have to keep watch on the food and calories you are taking inside.
  • Your calorie intake plays a vital role in how much weight you will gain during this lockdown.
  • If you intake more calories than your body needed or more calory intake than calories burns then it becomes so easy to put on weight.
  • Note down what you have eaten throughout the day and search on google to know the total number of calories you have taken and do the workout according to it.

#10 8 Hours of Good Night Sleep:

  • To stay Fit always remember #10 and #11 that I always mention when it comes to health.
  • Taking a calm and peaceful sleep for at least 6 hours is a need of the human body to stay healthy and fit. People who take sleep less than 5 hour has to face a lot of health issues in the future.
  • 8 hours of sleep relaxes your mind and helps in healing your overall body because While sleeping our brain starts healing our body.

#11 8 Glasses Of Plain Water a Day:

  • You may have heard that our body is made up of 60% water so it is so important to fill our body with water.
  • You should at least drink 8 glasses of plain water a day to keep your body hydrated and also drinking enough water helps your body to remove toxins from your body which is anyway beneficial for you.
  • The fewer toxins you have in your body the more you are healthy and fit inside.

#12 Take Complete Nutrition:

  • There is no need to explain separately how important it is to have strong immunity.
  • Take care of your nutrition. Add protein and vitamin intake to your diet.
  • If your immunity is strong you will get the power to fight any health issues so stay healthy and stay fit.

Will you remember now, How to stay fit without going To Gym?

Let’s see some FAQs related to How to stay fit without going To Gym.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

How to stay mentally fit in lockdown?

The Answer is “Think Positive”. The first thing is to stop watching the news the whole day which will make you panic if you want you can watch a summary of the whole day’s news. Also thinking positive is important that gives you relief and always remember that positive thinking gives you the energy to fight any problem in your life.

What Boosts My Immunity In Lockdown?

The answer is “Turmeric Milk”. Drink turmeric milk daily that helps clean your body inside and also eat well and sleep well. Eat proteins, vitamins, and water. Follow these daily and stay fit.

I hope you like this article about How To Stay Fit Without Going To Gym!