How To Remove False Eyelashes For Beginners | Complete Guide For the First Time

How To Remove False Eyelashes For Beginners | Complete Guide For the First Time

Eyelashes look very pretty when you add density to them by applying false eyelashes but with every removal, you will have to compromise your 2-3 baby eyelash hairs, right….?

This mostly happens by following the wrong ways to remove the lashes.

For your beautiful natural lashes today I came up with the full guide on how to remove false eyelashes for beginners. You can check even if you are not a beginner to avoid mistakes.

How To Apply Eyelashes On Yourself | 8 Easy Step By Step Guide

Different Ways Of Fake Eyelashes:

There are broadly two ways to increase the density of your eyelashes.

  • Applying False Eyelashes: In this method, you will have to stick the strand/bands of fake eyelashes just above your natural eyelashes with the help of glue.
  • Eyelashes Extension: This is like a beauty treatment that has done by the experts at the salon where they stick the false lashes on your natural lashes.

First will see how to remove false eyelashes for beginners level and then will check how to remove eyelash extension for beginners.

How To Remove False Eyelashes For Beginners:

You can also remove lashes just by pulling them but never ever pull your lashes it may lead your natural lashes to break and can cause itching to the eye skin.

 You can follow any of the following tips To remove false eyelashes.

  1. With Eye Makeup Remover
  2. With Normal Makeup Remover
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Baby Oil
  5. Olive OIl
  6. Vaseline

#1 With Eye Makeup Remover:

1 With Eye Makeup Remover
  • The Eye makeup remover is mainly an oil-based product so that it can remove the hardest makeup from your eyes. But for eyelashes, it is said to use oil-free makeup remover.
  • First, Dip a cotton pad in lukewarm water and put it on your eye so that it will lose the glue.
  • Then dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and apply on the false eyelashes and wait for 2 minutes.
  • Now take a tweezer and hold the inner corner of the eyelash band and pull it and there you go.

Tip: Never pull the lashes from the outer side corner that can cause a waxing force for your natural eyelash direction.

#2 With a Normal Makeup Remover:

2 With Normal Makeup Remover
  • Take an oil-free makeup remover, Dip a Q-tip into it.
  • Gently move the Q-tip above false eyelashes for 5-6 times so that it softens and loosens the glue.
  • Then with the help of your finger or tweezer pull the lash band going outside from inside.

#3 Coconut Oil:

3 Coconut Oil
  • You may have heard the use of coconut oil for makeup remover and yes it works superbly for removing makeup.
  • For this trick, you will need to dip a Q-tip in the coconut oil and let your lashes soak for 5 minutes.
  • Then pull the lash band from inside out.

#4 Baby Oil:

4 Baby Oil
  • You can also use Baby oil in place of coconut oil to remove your false eyelashes.
  • The steps are the same as for coconut oil. Dip the Q-tip in baby oil and move it on false eyelashes and pull it gently.

#5 Olive OIl:

5 Olive OIl
  • The next oil you can use to remove false eyelashes is olive oil and the steps are exactly the same as coconut oil.
  • Dip the ear-bud or Q-tip in olive oil and move it gently on false eyelashes, let it soak for 5-6 minutes and then pull it out.

#6 Vaseline:

6 Vaseline
  • Most of the people speak about the use of vaseline as eyelash remover and promised the output.
  • Vaseline may loosen the glue if soaked for a longer duration but I honestly not recommend this to try because if by any mistake vaseline goes into your eye you may face eye problems so instead of vaseline go for oils.

Tip: Be careful whenever you apply anything to your eyes and make sure it will not enter into your eyes.

Would you like to learn eye makeup like a professional..?

We have seen the different ways for how to remove false eyelashes for beginners. Now, will check the steps for removing eyelash extension for beginners.

How To Remove Eyelash Extension At Home:

You can remove your eyelash extension at home using baby oil or any other oil by following the correct steps mentioned.

7 How To Remove Eyelash Extension At Home
  1. Take hot water in a bowl and give steam to your face by covering yourself with a cloth or towel. If you have a streamer you can use it too. The steam will loosen the extension.
  2. Take a cotton pad and dip it into coconut oil/ baby oil/ olive oil.
  3. Then Put this on your extension for a minute and then start moving the cotton pad in a downward direction gently until the lashes fall and stick to the pad.
  4. Wipe out the eye with a clean wet cotton pad and rinse your face with water.

The eyelash extension is a process in which your original lashes are also involved hence the lifespan of eyelash extension is valid until your original lashes fall down naturally i.e 4-5 weeks. So eyelash extension goes automatically after a week but it may look uneven after losing a few hairs between.

Note: If you want to remove it the best way is to go to a salon and get it removed carefully by the experts.

I hope you like this beginner’s guide to remove false eyelashes and to remove eyelash extension on yourself at home.

Let’s check some FAQs for how to remove false eyelashes for beginners.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Can baby oil remove false eyelashes?

The answer is “yes”. You can use baby oil to remove false eyelashes on your own. Dip the cotton pad or Q-tip in the baby oil and then move it on your false eyelashes until it soaked in oil. Then pull the lash band from the inner corner to the outer corner, this will easily remove false eyelashes without any harm to your natural one.

Is there a way to remove eyelash extensions at home?

The answer is “Yes”. There is one way to remove the eyelash extension at home with the help of baby oil but it always recommended to remove your extension at the salon under the beauty expert’s guidance.

Can I use nail polish remover to remove eyelash extensions?

The answer is “No” Your eyes are so delicate than your other body parts. Nail paint remover consists of acetone that can also damage your nails if you are using it more frequently. Never think of using nail paint remover for your eyes.

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