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How To look older without makeup

I can really understand this problem with the babyface people who want to look older without makeup.

Making yourself look older with makeup makes you dull, wrinkled face but that’s not What you are desiring. So, here I am sharing the amazing 10 ways to look older without makeup on your face.

If you ignore makeup there are two more things that play an important role that decides a person’s age which is appearance and attitude or personality.

So You have to become a more mannered person to look older than making your face look old and dull.

How To Look Older Without Makeup:

  1. Wear Matured Clothes
  2. Say No To Bangs
  3. Ditch Jeggings and Sporty Shorts
  4. Avoid High Heels
  5. Go With Light Makeup
  6. Get Matured Haircuts
  7. Bye Bye To BagPacks
  8. Become a Good Listener
  9. Pay Attention On Your Postures
  10. Create Your Physique

Let’s make some changes to your wardrobe and into your look to get your desired older and matured look.

Wear Matured Clothes:-

1 Wear Matured Clothes

Your clothes speak a lot about your age and personality hence wearing the right clothes are very much needed for the babyface to look mature.


Wear Floral, strips printed clothes that go with mature age.
Wear Knee Length Clothes (Skirts and one-piece)
Start Wearing Coats that adds more age to you.
Start wearing branded jeans and bottoms.
Match your clothes with accessories.
Wear matured clothes such as palazzo, a-line skirt, Trouser, Collerd shirts, V neck top, etc..


Do not wear a different color Bra and Shirt or top.
Don’t wear logo printed, Cartoons, and Disney character printed clothes.
Don’t wear bright colors like baby pink instead go for bold and muted colors like red and beige.

If having a naturally younger-looking face then you should avoid following childish clothes to look older.
Avoid wearing Baseball caps, Tight-fitting denim shorts, and skirts, jeggings, etc.

Say No To Bangs:-

2 Say No To Bangs

Bangs look too cute and so it is a famous back-to-school haircut. But here is a big no for you.

The bangs can really make you look too young and you will get nothing from all your efforts.

Also, do not use lots of hair accessories such as bands, hair belts, colorful clips, and buds.

One more hairstyle that looks so cute and easy but not for mature people is the ponytail.

You may have seen Ariana Grande her face is also a babyface and a long ponytail adds more Youthness and no maturity.

Changing your hairstyle makes a huge difference in making you look older with a babyface. Try this and share your experience with us.

Ditch Jeggings and Sporty Shorts:-

3 Ditch Jeggings and Sporty Shorts

Jeggings and sporty shorts are the clothes which are designed mainly to make a person look younger.

Jeggings hide the age and gives slimmer look to the fatty thighs of older people that’s why most of the older people prefer to wear jegging.

I can understand it’s hard but don’t worry you can wear it inside your house at any time.

Avoid High Heels:-

4 Avoid High Heels

There are so many people who suggest wearing heels to look older but it is not the case.

Correcting this sentence one must say wear heels of appropriate height about 1-2 inch max.

When you wear very high heels it gives you a 16th teenage party look. So, instead, wear a short heel that adds a little height to you and give comfort.

Go With Light Makeup:-

4 Avoid High Heels

If you want to know how can you look older or mature with the help of makeup, then you should opt for minimal makeup on your face.

Too Much makeup does not point to old matured women. Makeup can change your overall appearance and meaning.

For this look, you need to avoid using pink gloss, dark pink blush, and dark makeup.

Apply Dark eye makeup with nude lipstick color or apply dak lipstick with very light eye makeup. This will show that you are a grownup lady and keep knowledge about makeup and color combinations.

Get Matured Haircuts:-

6 Get Matured Haircuts

You should know what hairstyle you should pick up for getting the older look without makeup.

Add some layers to your haircut and also keep your hair neat and clean and trimmed just like mature people do.

Try out Layered Bob, Sleek Bob, pixie cut hairstyles if you love to keep your hair short otherwise layers in longs hair can also be fine.

Bye Bye To BagPacks:-

7 Bye Bye To BagPacks

Backpacks are the signs of teenagers that look so cute but this can also make you look like, immature young student.

Try using handbags for keeping your books, makeup product, and other things.

Adding handbags will really give you an awesome mature look like a bachlor.

Pay Attention On Your Postures:-

8 Become a Good Listener

Your postures about how you sit, how you stand, and how your body behaves in front of people is also an important factor in looking older.

Walk straight, sit straight this shows the confidence in the matured people but make sure it should not look like a bad attitude.

Look into the other person’s eyes while speaking instead of looking down otherwise, you will look like a child with no confidence.

Become a Good Listener:-

9 Pay Attention On Your Postures

This is something where many failed to follow but let me tell you this is the best way to appear more mature and to look older than your age.

Many people don’t have the patience to hear anyone and they want to talk about themself but this looks so childish and self-centered that a mature person never does.

Be a good listener and let the other person finish speaking. Acknowledge them, give an opinion, and then talk about you.

Create Your Physique:-

10 Create Your Physique

Your physical appearance taught a lot about your age and it’s the most important thing you should consider.

Workout daily, having some muscles and toned body structure can help you in giving older look that too without using any makeup.

If you don’t know how you can create your physique being at home then definitely check the Best cardio Workout You Can Easily Do At home.

Focus on making your physique like a mature personality.

This is the best trick to look older without makeup I think you should try this one.

This is all about your wardrobe and looks changes. Now you know everything you needed.

No need to do that dull wrinkled look makeup everytime to get rid of your baby face, Instead start shopping for you and enjoy your matured look.

I hope you really enjoyed reading this article about how to look older without makeup don’t forget to share opinion about it and let us know what tricks you were following before.

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