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how to look 21

I can understand the problem of babyface males who looks 17 and 18 while they actually crossed 20. Lots of people also feel underconfident because of their babyface.

Don’t worry, there are certain things you are missing that make you look like this. If you follow the steps and simple techniques given in this article you could also look like mature 21 years old guy.

First of all, let’s find out the reason that makes you appear immature and childish. This could be your personality, your babyface, your behavior, and your habits.

How To Look 21 Years Matured Male:

Broadly speaking there are 3 common things you have to work on which are,

  1. Work On Your Appearance
  2. Build Your Personality
  3. Improve Your Behaviour

Let’s discuss each point in detail with the different ways to achieve them.

Work On Your Appearance

There are always be more than 50% of people who will judge you by your external appearance. So it is important to pay a little more attention to your appearance. Note down the following things and make some changes to your look.

#1 Get A Gentleman Haircut:

Getting a gentleman haircut means you have to compromise a little on the fancy colorful die. And if Possible also avoid flips.

I know it is difficult to compromise on these things especially when you are in peak college time but let me tell you flip and colorful die really makes you appear immature.

Guys, girls always fell in love with mature guys so these things will surely help you with having lots of girls friends.

#2 Grow Your Facial Hair

The curved jawline and chubby cheeks could be the reason for your babyface. As a guy, you have the advantage to shape your Face with your Facial Hair.

Grow your facial hairs and give it a nice trim to sharpen your jaw. This will give your face a nice manly look. Also, the beard is the most attractive part of males so everyone should focus on it.

#3 Wear Ironed Clothes

To appear older than males, you don’t need to spend lots of money buying different clothes. Just make sure whatever outfit you wore is neat and tidy.

Ironed clothes give the illusion of a more responsible and disciplined personality which manly posses by a mature man over 25 years old.

Also, choose comfortable clothes, never ever wear clothes that you couldn’t carry nicely or make you embarrassed. Simple clothes will do the job if you are carrying them comfortably.

#4 Invest In A Classic Watch

The one accessory every man must carry is a nice Watch. Invest in at least a classic watch and wear it with all your clothes. This will surely take your look to another level.

You can have one silver watch or a more attractive look go for the square-shaped digital watches which are very very popular nowadays.

#5 Focus On Buying Quality Than Quantity

Buying a lot many things just because you are getting it at the cheapest price is the biggest mistake you ever do. Instead, I would suggest you buy quality branded products.

The quality clothes and accessories enhance your overall look and these things will also stay with you for a longer time. So you don’t change your wardrobe stuff every year.

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Build Your Personality

The second most important thing is to focus on your personality. The following things defined the matured man’s personality.

#1 Build Some Muscles

If you are a very skinny person that may be the reason making you look like a kid or teenager. You should start focusing on your physique.

You can join a gym or any sport to build muscles. Having muscles gives you a more mature look. Girls feel safe with v-shaped guys. So you can also become that safe mature guy for her.

#2 Start Accessories a Little

As a college-going guy, you may not have enough money to spend on your look. But if anyway you managed it, try to look for the accessories like a bag, shoes, glasses, scarves.

These little things will bring your overall look to the next level.

Smell Good:

Matured men’s always smells good, Take a bath daily. Use a mild deodorant or perfume.

Make sure every part of your body is smelling good, especially if you are a sports person or a gym lover. The bad odour may pull you away from the people.

Improve Your Behaviour

The third and the most important thing to consider is your behavior. All the above steps will be of no use if you don’t know how to behave in front of people.

#1 Be a Listener

The first and the most important quality of mature people is they are listeners. When we are not mature enough we are interested in talking about ourselves discussing ourselves and we never pay attention to others’ opinions.

Practice becoming a listener will help you in learning a lot many things about other people. Try to listen more than talk. When you listen to someone carefully the other person feels affection towards you or listening to them.

#2 Have a smiling face

These days everyone is going through lots of negativity and sadness. Be the reason of smile to them. Keep a warm welcoming smile on your face always.

The mature man adds positivity and happiness to the surrounding environment be that positive person. Today everyone wants to be happier and happier so people will automatically get attracted towards you if you are spreading happiness to the environment.

#3 Show Gratitude To Everyone

Matured people never show overconfidence and arrogance. Be thankful to each and every person you are with at the moment.

Be grateful to the people who helped you, who taught you the life lesson. Matured men are always grounded and being grateful is one of the ways to remain grounded.

#4 Be Polite and Understanding

Be the understanding personality, no one acts bad or rude on purpose. Try to understand the other personality and ask them politely for their reason of anger and sadness.

This gesture will definitely make you more lovable and attractive.

I hope you got your answer to how to look 21 years matured male. Practice the above ways and try to implement them slowly into your life.

Don’t forget to share your experiences after trying these techniques in real.

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