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How to get thin lips naturally

Fuller lips are generally everyone’s desire but when it comes to extra fuller lips your dream changes.

Just like so many people dreaming of big lips, there are many men and women who want to get thin lips naturally. So here is the solution for them.

In this article, you will get to see the best ways to get thin lips naturally without any makeup and surgery. Let’s directly dive into the ways.

5 Easy Ways To Get Thin Lips Naturally

There are 5 main ways to make your lips smaller naturally without using any makeup or any surgery, lets check all of them one by one. I like doing the 3rd way among all of them

Stop Biting Your Lips

1. Stop Biting Your Lips

When you bite your lips, the skin of the lips gets swelled.

If you have made lip-biting your habit then you are continuously creating an injury to them and it remains swelled all the time.

So if you have this weird habit, you have to stop it right now, avoid Biting, and also licking your lips.

Apply Moisturizer/Lip Balm Regularly

2. Apply Lip Moisturizer

If your lips are injured they look bigger and swelled so keep them moisturized

Moisturizing your lips keep them soft and healed, your lips will not get dry and cuts in it so you will not lick them.

It is always worthy to invest in a good quality moisturizer or lip balm to keep your lips healthy.

Apply lip balm at least twice a day and if your lips get dry sooner then apply it 4-5 times a day.

Avoid Using Lip Gloss and Dark Lipstick

3. Avoid Dark Lipsticks

Whenever you apply lip gloss or dark lipstick your lips look fuller and noticeable.

So you can avoid using dark lipstick and lip gloss, instead go for the shade that matches your Lips, or start collecting different nude shades of lipsticks

You can do heavy eye makeup so that your eyes become the attention seeker of your look than your lips.

Apply Cucumber Ice Pack

4. Apply CucumBer Ice Pack

Cucumber is really helpful in giving relief to the swellings. You may have heard about cucumber ice pack benefits for swelled eyes.
In the same way, it helped to make your bigger lips smaller naturally by giving relief to Swelling.

How To Prepare Cucumber Ice Pack:
1) Grate 1 Cucumber and separate its juice.
2) Add Juice in Ice Cube Tray
3) Let it freeze out completely
4) Move the ice cube over your lips and rub it in a circular motion 5 times then take a break and rub it again. Repeat the process 2-3 times.

There were so many questions if Ice helps in reducing lip size, the answer is yes. The Ice helps in making your lips appear smaller.

Exercises To Get Thin Lips Naturally

5. Do Lip Exercies regularly

There are few exercises that help in stretching the muscles and tissue inside the lips that can help in lip reduction for someone. But this will need patience as it takes a long time to show the results.

Note:- Make sure you do not have any injury to your lips before starting lip exercises.

Lip Exercise No 1:
Smile completely so that lips get stretched out fully.
Hold this position for 10 seconds and back to normal
Repeat this method 3-5 times.

Lip Exercise No 2:
Smile and show your teeth, give a wide smile.
Hold this position for 10 seconds and back to normal
Do 3-5 sets of this exercise.

Lip Exercise No 3:
Make a small ‘O’ shape with your lips and back to smile.
Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.

Lip Exercise No 4:
Make a pout with lips and give back to wide smile showing teeth.
Repeat 10-12 sets of this exercise.

Lip Exercise No 5:
Make a mouth kiss (pout) and press your upper and lower lips with your finger.
Do 4-5 sets of this exercise.

Lip Exercise No 6:
Make a big ‘O’ with your lips stretching completely.
Hold this position for 10 seconds then back to normal
Repeat 5 sets of this exercise.

Lip Reduction Exercises need time to show the results so this needs consistency and patience.

Make sure you are not doing it excessively – you can not eat an elephant at one take right you have to take a small piece of it.

Also, watch this video about lip exercises to make lips smaller, you will get a clear idea about how to do these exercises in the right way.

These are all the ways you can use to get thin lips naturally without any makeup and surgery.

Let’s see how you can also get thin lips with makeup. If you do not want to try this you can go for the above natural ways.

I hope all of the above natural tips will help you get slim lips soon. Just be patient with all the remedies and be positive you will surely see the results.

How To Get Thin Lips With Makeup

You can also use some amazing makeup tips to make your lips look thinner. These tips really work and give amazing output so if you have not tried it yet you should give it a try.

Makeup Tutorial from Basic

If you love makeup but don’t know how to do it correctly. Here is the best makeup guide for you to start wearing makeup on yourself.

Apply Concealer:

2.1 Apply concealer

First step is to apply a concealer on the outer edges of the upper and lower lips.

Make sure the concealer matches the skin above your lips.

Outline With Lip Liner:

2.2 Outline the lips

Now draw the outline to your lips and do not cover the concealed area.

Draw an outline such that you are making your lips smaller.

Try to cut out the outer edges of your lower and upper lips that you have already concealed with concealer.

Apply Dark Lipstick:

2.3 Apply Dark Lipstick

You must be thinking I have suggested not to apply dak lipstick then why dark shade now.

As you have already sharpened your lips with a liner, so you can apply a dark lipstick shade that will hide the concealed area too.

Always remove the upper lips hairs because any kind of darkness and hairs on the upper lips can also make your lips appear bigger.

Should You Get A Lip Reduction?

Getting surgery is also a way to get thin lips but that we do not recommend you. Lip surgery has side effects with lots of investment in it.

Better is to try the above natural ways and for instant result go for the makeup technique.

But apart from these remedies if you really want to know how much it cost for lip reduction in India then let me tell you it is between 20000 to 40000 Indian rupees. The cost totally depends on your lips size/condition and the surgeon you are going to.

Remember you are the gift of god so start appreciating yourself, start praising your looks and your appearances instead of changing them.

You are not ugly you are a different creation of god. love yourself first then people will automatically start loving you too.

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