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Get gorgeous skin like sara ali khan

The bubbly actress Sara Ali Khan is blessed with dam glowing skin but getting blessed with beautiful skin is not enough for her she also takes care of her skin every time it is possible for her.

So we will see the top beauty tips from Sara Ali Khan and will also know how to get the gorgeous skin like Sara.

Sara already won millions of people’s hearts with her weight loss journey and her dedication towards it and now she is seeking attention with her no-makeup pink glowy look in her posts.

Sara Skincare 8
Source: Instagram[saraalikhan95]

Sara Ali Khan Beauty Stat

Age27 years
Face Shape TypeOblong
Body Shape TypeHourglass
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Hair TypeSilky and Wavy
Height5’4” Feet
Body Measurements32-25-34
Weight52 kg
Birthday12th August 1993

Let’s quickly see the secrets to glowy skin of Sara Ali khan to get the gorgeous skin like her.

How To Get Gorgeous Skin Like Sara Ali Khan

So how to get gorgeous skin like Sara Ali Khan? According to Sara Eating healthy, being happy, staying hydrated, believing in natural beauty regimens, and having a single cheat day in a week makes you beautiful.
Let’s see all the secrets of Sara’s beauty in detail.

Correct Use of Leftover Fruit

Sara speaks out in one of her interviews that she always puts on the leftover fruits from breakfast on her face. This is the best use of leftover fruits without wasting it use it on your face as a fruit face mask and there is nothing hidden about the benefits of fruit for our skin.

Not Stepping Out Without Sunscreen

This is the best habit of sara that she never step out of her house without using suncreen. She always make sure to protect her skin from sun damage whenever she is outside. This is always recommended by a dermotologist to protect you skin from sun and now your favoutrite actress is also following the same rule.

Using Natural Exfoliator and Face Mask

Since childhood, Sara is blessed with natural home regimes by her grandmother Sharmila Tagor and she uses to call it a Ghar Ke Nuske.
She makes honey and almond powder for exfoliating her skin to remove dead skin from her face.
Sara loves to apply homemade face masks which are made up of milk cream, almond, honey for her face quite frequently.

Keeping Body And Skin Hydrated

Sara helps her body from getting dehydrated by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. Also, she drinks coconut water and coffee in between to keep herself hydrated.
For instant skin hydration, she likes to put on a mask serum sheet mask on her face that hydrates her face even if she if working.

Onion For Hair Health

Sara uses onion hair oil to oil her hairs and use onion shapoo to wash her hairs. Onion has unbelivable hair benfitsthat helps in treating dandruff, giving healthy scalp, and growing long hairs. Onion is the secret of sara’s voluminous long hairs.

Not compromising on 8 hours of Sleep

Sara’s Mom and grandmother always insist her to take ample of sleep and eat well. Sara always keeps this beauty secrets in her life and never compromises on her beauty sleep. She completes her 8 hours of sleeps a day.

Washing Face Before Going To Bed

Sara make sure to remove all makeup from hr face and clean her face completly. Then she wash her face with face wash and apply a moisrizer before going to bed.

This is all secrets to Sara’s beauty that all yours now. You can get gorgeous skin like Sara Ali khan now and lets she what physical activity she dos for keeping her skin glowy.

HealthCare Tips From Sara Ali Khan

Source: Instagram[saraalikhan95]

Sara is very intelligent perssonality and that helped her a lot in her weight loss journey. Inspite of having Pcos, with her constant effort and one goal mindset she achieved to loss about 40 kgs in 1 1/2 years.

Eat Less For More

According to Sara, one should eat less which gives more benefits. Also, she said whatever you ate that will going to show on your face and on your body so eat healthily and good. She herself compromise pizza which was her most favorite dish for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Do Regular Workout:

Reducing 40kg in a year is not an easy task for anyone but Sara makes it happens with her consistency and confidence within herself. She always gives advice to her fan to workout regularly the more you fit the more you look awesome. Sara uses to do pilates, kickboxing, swimming, burpees, yogas, etc to keep her body fit and toned.

What’s in Sara’s Bag

The Pinkvilla has performed what’s in my bag challenge with Sara Ali Khan and let’s see what Sara showed.

  • Lip balm
  • Chewing gum if get hungry
  • Badam and walnuts if chewing gums don’t satisfy hunger
  • Comb
  • Extra pair of Earings
  • Earphones
  • Tampons
  • Perfumes, Sara likes to smell good
  • Lenses
  • Mobile phone, charger, and Dongle
  • Tide pen for removing Stains

Sara’s Beauty Advice To Everyone

Be positive inside and throw out all the negative thoughts of human beings. Sara used this sentence in her interview while giving beauty secrets. She said if you keep negative thoughts inside then no makeup can hide it from outside so be positive and happy inside.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

What is Sara Ali Khan Off Work Makeup Look?

The answer is white salwar kamiz with open hairs, suncreen and lip balm OR Gym clothes, sweaty hairs, and lip balm.

Whys Sara Uses Garnier Serum Sheet Mask?

The answer is to hydrated her face. Sara says serum sheet mask hydrates her skin instantly while she is working.

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