You may have heard hundreds of solutions for getting a jawline. Some say do facial yoga. Some say go for the surgery. The best way to get a temporary jawline is by doing makeup. Then how do get a jawline with makeup? The answer is “Contouring your face”.

Contouring has become so popular primarily for chubby people. Women with cute chubby cheeks always dream of a sharp oval and slim face. For those Contouring is like a god gift. Contouring not only gives a slimmer face and jawline, but it works as a face shape corrector.

You can modify your face structure the way you want with the help of Contouring, so it is the best solution for How To Get A Jawline With Makeup.

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Let’s check how you can do Contouring in just 5 minutes. Also, check the FAQs for How To Get A Jawline With Makeup at the end of this article.

How To Get A Jawline With Makeup In 5 Minutes:

Are you ready to get a jawline with makeup? Bring your makeup kit and follow the steps correctly.

Step 1: Set your face with the foundation

The very first thing you have to do is to set your face with foundation. Always remember Contouring will be done after the foundation, so evenly apply foundation all over the face.

Let the foundation set adequately for 3-5 minutes, and then go for the basic first step of Contouring.

Step 2: Apply Cream-Based Contour on Targeted Area

Contour should be two shades darker than your foundation shade or skin tone. As we are contouring just after foundation, you will need cream-based contour.

For jawline, start with the absolute end of your face. Start below the ear, understand the jaw shape you want to create, and draw a straight line.

Then apply contour just below your jawline; you can apply on the side of your chin to make it look slimmer.

Make sure you apply it on the edges and ends of the face as darker colour on the face could mess up your makeup.

Step 3: Blend It Smoothly

It’s time to blend everything you applied with the base smoothly.

Take a fluffy or angular blending brush and with the circular and outward movement, start bleeding everything slowly.

You have to blend the contour in an outward direction; otherwise, it will go on the highlighting areas on the face.

Step 4: Complete the Powder stage

The next stage is to complete your powder stage means setting up everything with the compact powder.
Apply compact on the highlighted points such as nose tip, forehead, chin, etc.

Take some product on the brush, tap out the excess, and apply to the highlighted areas.

Step 5: Apply Matt Contour

If you don’t want to contour before powdering, you can do it after applying compact powder too, but you will need Matt Contour.

Apply the contour powder to the areas where we have contoured before with the help of a brush, and blend this smoothly so that it will not look sharp.

Step 6: Fix All with a makeup fixer

The final stage for every makeup is to set everything with the help of a makeup fixer.

Makeup fixing prevents the unreal look and allows your makeup to stay longer.

Tips for Applying Contour
The contour should be 2 shades darker than your foundation shade
Do not merge contour to highlighter
Do not take a too dark shade that may look unreal and sharp
Apply highlighter above the contour area
Do not use the contour brush for another purpose, as the contour is in a dark shade enough to mess up the highlight areas.
Always blend contour in an outward direction.

I hope you like this article about How To Get A Jawline With Makeup!

Let’s check some FAQS for How To Get A Jawline With Makeup or without makeup.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

How can I lose face fat?

The answer is “By doing exercises”. You can do face yoga and exercises to reduce belly fat. Also, it has been noticed that if you are on a weight loss journey, the exercise and workout will reduce your face fat first. So even a regular workout also eves you slimmer face cut.

Do jaw exercises get rid of a double chin?

The answer is “Yes” There are various exercises for your face that you can do anytime. These exercises also help in reducing your double chin. You can do exercises like blowing air into you and holding it for a minute. Make an O with your lips, and then open your mouth wide enough.

Is a strong jawline attractive?

The answer is “yes”. The study says men’s with stronger jawline looks more attractive. Having a jawline gives you the beautiful and sexiest look.