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How To Fill In Eyebrows With Pencil

Even after spending lots of time making eyebrows but still not getting the desired natural beautiful eyebrow look then my dear you must be making some mistakes while using an eyebrow pencil.

Here In This article, I have shared the best solution on how to fill In the eyebrows with pencil. If you are a beginner or a pro In Makeup, go through the complete article and check if you are doing any mistakes while using an eyebrow pencil.

How To Fill In Eyebrows With Pencil

Here is the best way to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your eyebrow. If you follow these steps correctly your eyebrows are never going to look fake again.

  1. Comb Hair In Upward Direction
  2. Draw An Outline From The Bottom
  3. Comb Downward and Draw Outline
  4. Fill The Gaps With Right Strokes
  5. Apply Concealer For Clean Look

1 Comb Hair In Upward Direction

With 90% of the eyebrow pencil, you will get a brush or a spoolie to comb your eyebrows. I will recommend you to always buy an eyebrow pencil with a spoolie.

1. Comb In Upward Direction

Firstly, you will have to comb your eyebrow hair in the upward direction with the help of a spoolie or a small brush you have with your eyebrow pencil.

Once you comb your hair the eyebrow will look something similar to the picture shown above.

2. Draw An Outline From The Bottom

2. Ouline

Now, As you combed your eyebrow hair in an upward direction, you can clearly see the bottom outline of your eyebrow.

What you have to do is, take your eyebrow pencil and draw an outline from the bottom.

Keep your hand very light, give light pressure and draw a fine light outline carefully.

Note: Always remember in makeup Less Is More. So never overdo or over-apply any product.

3. Comb Downward and Draw Outline

3. Comb in downward direction and outine

Now What you have done right now, you will have to do the exact opposite. Now, comb your hair in a downward direction and draw an outline.

While drawing an outline leave a 1-inch gap and start from there. This is the very common mistake everyone do that they start to outline the eyebrow from the very start.

This mistake gives you a thicker fake eyebrow look. So always remember to leave 1-inch space before outlining above the eyebrow.

4 Fill The Gaps With Right Strokes

4. Fill In Gaps

Here is the main game-changing step. You can see the gaps between your eyebrow hair, just look at them once and follow the instruction given here. Refer diagram given below for a better understanding.

From point 1 to point 2 give straight upward strokes 2-3 times not more than that.

From point 2 to point 3 give titled upward strokes. Your strokes should be slightly tilted toward point 3 or the arch of your eyebrow.

Now From point 3 to point 4 give downward strokes and this time your pencil strokes should be towards point 4.

For the natural finished look take your spoolie and comb your eyebrows once and give them a nice shape.

Detail eyebrow

5 Apply Concealer For Clean Look

5. Use Concealer for sharpening

To pop up your eyebrows and make them look more noticeable apply a concealer above and below the eyebrow line and blend it will the blender or a concealer brush.

Concealer will give a more finished look to your eyebrows and done.

Now you can also flaunt with your eyebrow look without any hesitation.

I hope you understood to complete the procedure for how to fill In the eyebrows with a pencil. If you have any doubt about eyebrow makeup feel free to ask in the comment section.

Start practicing these steps from today and don’t forget to share your experience.

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