How To Apply Eyelashes On Yourself | 8 Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Apply Eyelashes On Yourself | 8 Easy Step By Step Guide

Eyelashes have become a trend in the past two years which adds a very different and glamorous look to your makeup. But still few women feel it difficult to apply eyelashes on themself and feel that they will mess up everything if they don’t apply them correctly.

So In today’s article, I came up with the solution to this problem for you, and here you will learn how to apply eyelashes yourself at home. So don’t worry if you don’t know how to apply eyelashes on yourself you will get to learn it step by step.

If you have any queries or questions about how can you apply eyelashes on yourself or eyelashes guide then at the end of this article I have answered a few FAQs related to this, don’t forget to check down there.

I am so excited about this article as I have shared all the tips that have learned from my mistakes when I was learning how to apply eyelashes on myself and I am glad that you will not make that mistakes now. Are you ready to know it all?

How To Apply Eyelashes To Yourself

We will first start with how to remove false eyelashes from the box or pallet and then learn step by step we will finally end with applying eye mascara.

Step 1: Gently Remove Eyelashes From Palette:

The first step is to gently remove false eyelashes from the pallet or box so that they will not break in the start itself.

Take a Tweezer and hold the corner of the lash band and not the lashes and then pull it with very light pressure. If you try it with your nails it may break with high pressure of fingers.

The second option is to gently pull the lashes down so that they will easily detach from the box. I prefer the first one as there is no risk to the lashes.

Step 2: Give a C shape to the false eyelashes

Once you detached the lashes try to bend it inward or simply give it a ‘C’ shape so that it easily gets your eye shape.

Hold the lashes in the first two fingers and push them inward 6-7 times.
Do the same for both the lashes.

Step 3: Measure and Trim the size of False Eyelashes

It is so important to apply a false lash that perfectly fits your lashes size to make it look real.

Take a false eyelash and put it on your eye slightly away from the inner eye corner as we never start eyelashes from the inner corner.

Cut out if the length is larger than that of your original eyelashes.

Always cut the lashes from the outer corner and never cut them from the inner corner.

Step 4: Curl Your Own eyelashes

The first thing to do with your own lashes is to curl them with the eyelashes curler.

This step is needed to perfectly match the direction of your own eyelashes with the false one.

Curl the lashes for 10 seconds in an upward direction so that it gets the same shape as false eyelashes.

Step 5: Apply Mascara To Your Eyelashes

This is the optional step and not everyone follows this but those who have very straight lashes and found it difficult to curl with a curler should do this step.

Take your favorite mascara and apply it in an upward direction to after you curl your lashes.

If your lashes get easily curled with a curler then you can just avoid this step.

Step 6: Apply Glue on the False Eyelashes

The next step is to apply glue to the false eyelashes and you can do it in the following three ways.

The first is to take glue on your hand and dab the top of the false lash band on it.

The second way is to apply glue on the false lash with the help of the tweezer tip.

The third way is to apply glue just above your eyelashes closed to the lash’s hair and then put false lashes on the glue.

Make sure to wait for the glue to dry a little after you apply it.

Step 7: Stick the False Eyelashes On Your Eyes

This is the most important step to apply eyelashes to yourself. Carefully follow the steps to stick lashes correctly.

Hold the lashes in the middle with the help of a tweezer and put them in the center of the eyelid and let it settle for 10 seconds.

Then with the tweezer stick the outer corner first and then stick the inner corner.

Make sure you stick the false eyelashes on the eye skin near the original lashes. The difference between the two should not be visible.

Step 8: Apply Mascara Again

To give a natural final look to your eyelashes give a few pinches to it so that it fills the gaps and applies mascara to the lashes.

This step will fill the gaps between the original and false lashes and make them appear more real hence never forget this step.

I hope you like this article about How to apply eyelashes on yourself and you will now try this on yourself.

You should also check eye makeup for beginners and complete a makeup guide for beginners.

Dos and Don’ts for How to apply eyelashes to yourself:


  • Do your eye makeup first and then apply lashes.
  • Put your mirror down and look down while applying lashes. Do not close your eyes.


  • Do not buy heavy lashes that you can not bear on your eyes.
  • Do not apply lashes at the inner corner as that can irritate you during eye movement.
  • Do not cut the false lashes from the inner corner.
  • Do not Apply excessive glue to the lashes.
  • Do not stick the lashes on your original lashes stick it on the eye skin near the lashes.
  • Do not keep a huge difference between eyelash and false lash that will make it look unreal.
  • Do not apply lashes when the glue is wet which can smudge your eye makeup.

Now let’s see some FAQs for How to apply eyelashes on yourself and the eyelashes guide.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Do I put mascara on before fake lashes?

The answer is “yes” You should do your eye makeup before you go for the eyelashes. Once you apply false lashes the chances of spreading glue is high and also eyeshadow and the line can mess the eyelash so do your eye makeup first and then go for the lashes.

Is it OK to wear false eyelashes every day?

The answer is “yes” It is absolutely okay if you want to wear lashes every day but just make sure of one thing you take care of your eyes and lashes every day and also take care of hygiene. Clean your false lashes if you want to use it again.

Do fake lashes ruin your real ones?

The answer is “Yes” Fake lashes can ruin your real ones if you become harsh to them and do not take care of them properly. If you pull fake lashes while removing, them without applying any liquid then it may break your real lashes too.

Can you sleep with fake lashes?

The answer is “NO”. It is never recommended to sleep with your makeup. Lashes are nothing but a type of makeup you applied so never forget to remove it before going to bed.
While sleeping your eye may feel heavy than normal with fake lashes and that may disturb your sleep also while sleeping there are chances that you rub your eyes and the fake lash may then start irritating.

What tools do I need to Apply Fake Eyelashes?

The answer is Eyelash Curler and Tweezer, These are the only tools you need to have if you want to learn How to apply eyelashes on yourself. You can perfectly apply fake eyelashes with the help of Eyelash curler and Tweezer.

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