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How To apply Bronzer Correctly

Hello and welcome! This will be an exciting article for me and you as our today’s topic is about how to apply bronzer correctly.

We will see the difference between highlight, bronzer, contour. Why it is needed to bronze up your face. What brushes you will need and many more.

I am very much excited to put my brain out for this topic and also want to suggest you check the FAQs down there to see if you had the same queries about bronzing up like thousands of other people.

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How To Apply Bronzer Correctly

Lets directly jump into the topic and learn how to apply bronzer correctly step by step

Step 1: Knowing The Areas of Face For Bronzing Up

1 Knowing The Areas of Face For Bronzing Up

You Should do bronzing on the high point of your face. Wait, What are these high points of a face everyone talks about?

Well, The high points are those where you caught a tan more easily than other face parts. Like your temples, nose top, cheekbone areas.

So these will be your areas for bronzing where the sun kisses you more. Kidding 😀

Step 2: Choosing The Correct Shade For Bronzing

2 Choosing The Correct Shade For Bronzing

The next thing you should know about bronzing is what color you need to use for it.

Bronzing is always done to add colors and shades on your face to give a natural look as our face look flat and pale after applying layers of foundation and concealer.

Bronzer should be 2-3 shades darker than your natural shade and it should have an orange undertone.

How To Understnd Orange Undertone in Bronzer:
Take a bronzer on your finger and draw a line on your hand you could see that the brown is not complete brown shade it has some lights of orange or yellow colors.
If the brown color is looking like blackish or greyish then this should not be used for bronzing.

Step 3: Create ‘3’ or ‘E’ Shape On Face

3 Create '3' or 'E' Shape On a Face

Now you know the basics of bronzing we will start applying it on the face.

You will need a fluffy big size brush for bronzing. Take some product on your brush and tap out the excess.

Now start with your temple areas. Move the brush in the circular motion also goes to hairlines for smooth blending.

Move the brush down to your cheekbone and start applying theirs with the same circular motion toward the hairline.

Now come a little more down to the side of your chin and start blending.

Have you notice you are creating a big ‘E‘ and ‘3‘ while blending this all. So you have to blend in this shape as shown in the figure.

For the nose just move the brush on the top of the nose for 2-3 times.

Tip: Do not cover your entire face with the product blend it away from your nose and keep at least 2 finger distance from the nose.

This is all about how to apply bronzer correctly. I hope it helped you. Let’s check what problems people are facing about bronzing and let’s solve their confusion.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Can you use bronzer to contour?

The answer is big ‘NO‘. You should not do this mistake. Bronzer and contour are both in brown shades but their purpose is different.

Bronzer is something which is used to give a warm look on your face which is used to add colors on your face or you can say it is used to make your skin more natural and visible hence there is glitter in some bronzers. Also, bronzer is brown but with an orange or yellow undertone which is not completely dark brown shade.

Countour is something where you are hiding and creating a shadow. Under the cheekbone area, side of your nose, and under the jawline area are the areas where the natural shadow is created and we do the same with contouring to create that shadows and also create a shadow if we want to hide some part of our face like double chin area.

Contour brown shade has a grey undertone and that helps in creating shadow and hence it is used on a particular part of the face otherwise it will make your face black.

Can I skip bronzer?

The answer is Yes. Bronzer is used to add natural colors to your face to hide the pale effect added by the foundation. When you apply lipstick, contour, and blush you already add some colors to your face. If you want a more natural face, warm face, sunkissed and tan then you need to do bronzing otherwise you can skip it too.

What is liquid bronzer?

Liquid bronzer is a type of bronzer where the shades come in the form of liquid like liquid lipstick or liquid concealer.
This type of bronzers is suitable for dry skin people whose makeup looks so dry and powdery.
For oily skin people, I don’t recommend using liquid bronzer and it adds more shine and the skin look so oily.
The liquid bronzers have light-reflecting properties to add a glow on your face where matt bronzer gives you a natural flat look without a glow.
Apply liquid bronzer in your moisturizer when you do not want to apply makeup but also want a glowing look

What is matte bronzer?

The matt bronzer is another type of a bronzer when the bronzers are in matt form or can say powder form.
This type of bronzers have little shine/shimmer which is about to none and they are mainly used for creating a more natural look without any extra glow on the face.
This works well on medium to oily skin but it may look more powdery on dry skin.

Can I use bronzer without foundation?

The answer is absolute Yes. The people who are having a very bright skin tone should definitely use the bronzer on daily basis.
Fair people skin looks paler than that of dusky skin type so to add natural colors to the skin and to reduce the paled effect from the skin you can use liquid bronzer or matt bronzer according to your skin type.
Use the bronzer on your neck areas too.

What is the difference between bronzer and highlighter?

Purpose: The bronzer is to add natural tans and a warm look to your face while highlighter use to pop up the particular skin areas.
Color: Bronzer is in the brown shade with an orange-yellow undertone while the highlighter is in golden silver shimmery form.
Brush: Need big fluffy brush for applying bronzer while a very small smudge brush need for applying highlighter.

Where do you apply blush and bronzer?

Blush is applied on the roundest part of your cheek especially apples and or exactly on the cheekbones.
Bronzers should be applied on the cheekbone but not on the apples it should be exactly on the bone.
Bronzers are also used for temples jawlines nose whereas blush used on only cheekbones.

How do you use a bronzer brush?

Bronzer brush should be always big and fluffy so that the product applies evenly all over the face.
Always hold the brush at its end so that product will not apply on a particular part.
By Doing circular motion move the brush around your face in 3 OR E shape and apply evenly going into the hairlines too.

Tip: Never use the flat small brush for bronzing this will give you a muddy look as it will apply more products than actually needed.

How do you apply cream bronzer?

More of matt bronzers are coming in the cream form now. The bronzers have a cream form which ae easily mixed with your skin and gives a shiny warm look.
For cream bronzer, the base should be flat means you need to moisturize the skin well and apply foundation smoothly. The cream-based bronzer will not get applied smoothly on dry patchy skin so moisturize your skin well and make it a flat surface before applying cream bronzer.

What is a bronzer palette for?

Bronzer palette has different shades and matt, shimmery shades. It can also have a highlighter and contour.
Especially the palette is designed for doing complete makeup with a single product and can be used for different shades of people.

Should I use golden bronzer on dusky skintone?

The answer is yes, Just mix the golden brozer with your normal bronzer and then brnze up your face. The golden bronzer works good for light shade and as a highlighter for dark shade while for dusky skin tone it can be use as a brownzer but by mixing it with other shade of bronzer.

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