11 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Oily Skin

Oily skin is a very frustrating job to deal with as it results in large and noticeable pores with acne on the face which is obviously not anyone’s desire. When it is related to acne extra care comes into the picture.

But no need to worry more about acne and pimples, In this article you will get the answers to all your questions about oily skin and why it occurs. First, we will start with the scene scenario of oily skin.

What causes oily skin?

The answer is excess of sebum. According to a skin specialist, oily skin is generally the excess of sebum created by sebaceous glands.

Sebum is an oily substance in the skin that protects and hydrates the skin. But the excess of this oil makes your skin look oily.

It can be genetic for many people to have oily skin but for a few people, their skin gets eventually oilier due to their changes in habits, environmental changes, or hormonal changes.

How do you get rid of oily skin?

The answer is good skincare habits. Here I am sharing the best habits to embrace to deal with oily body skin and to prevent skin from getting extra damage. Let’s start with the general habit like cleaning our face and we will end up with yoga for oily skin.

Here are 11 good habits to cure Oily skin:

  1. Wash your face
  2. Do not rub the towel on the face
  3. Apply Moisturizer
  4. Stay Away from Scrub
  5. Apply Mask
  6. Start Using blotting paper or pads
  7. Go For the Light Makeup
  8. Change Pillow cover frequently.
  9. Avoid High Sugar Food and Oily Food
  10. Eat Healthy food and fruits
  11. Add yoga to the routine

#1 Wash Your Face:

This is most important to wash your face twice a day if you are suspecting to have oily skin.

Wash your face once in the morning and once before going to bed.

For Cleaning, you can also go for a gel-based facewash or foam cleanser.

Do not over-wash as it may tend to generate more oil into the skin.

#2 Do not Rub the Towel on your Face:

Once you wash your face, You should gently pat the skin with a soft towel.

You must avoid using rough clothes to dry your skin and also never rub a towel on your skin, As pulling down can stimulate the skin and can trigger to generate of more sebum.

#3 Apply Moisturizer:

Many people think that they do not need any moisturizer because they have oily skin and moisturizers can make it look greasy.

Let me tell you moisturizer is as important for oily as that of dry skin. You should apply it after washing your face.

Go for the gel-based and oil-free moisturizer which will not make your skin more greasy.

#4 Stay Away From SCRUB:

It is highly not recommended to use the scrub on oily acne-prone skin as it may cause further damage to your skin.

Using scrub can give you a temporary result but can leave highly pigmented patches for years.

Be gentle with the skin and prevent it from getting more damage.

#5 Apply Mask:

Use Homemade masks to reduce oil from the face and you can also use clay masks which is really helpful for oily skin.

Honey is the most important ingredient to get rid of oiliness. So you can make homemade masks with gram flour or potato or cucumber by adding honey into it.

#6 Start using Blotting Paper:

If you are feeling greasy during the day then you can use blotting papers that are purposely designed as absorbent paper to absorb oil from the skin.

If you are using wipes then let me tell you wipes are made up of chemicals that can harm your skin more if it is already struggling with acne.

#7 Go For the Light Makeup:

If possible make a habit of going outside without makeup as you can naturally look more beautiful.

Instead, start using lower SPF sunscreen that is less greasy and also protects your skin from sun rays.

But if you really love to make up and can not avoid it then apply very little on the dark areas of the skin.

See there is no makeup made up of zero chemical components so it is better to stay it away.

#8 Change Pillow Cover Frequently:

You should change your pillow cover frequently i.e once a week. Yes, it is too frequent but you can buy a few pairs of pillow covers and wash it all at the end.

Changing pillow cover regularly prevents new breakouts which can develop overnight.

#9 Avoid High Sugar Food and Oily Food:

The food we intake plays a vital role in the appearance of our skin.

Hence some of us may have questions like even after we follow all the above steps the oil will come back after a certain time it is because of the food you are consuming.

processed food like pizza, burgers, fries and high sugar food such as cold drinks are the main cause of skin problems and especially if you have oily skin.

Dairy products are also problematic for oily skin because of their high hormone content in it. Dairy products are good for health but somehow not for oily skin.

So you can either switch to a vegan or can replace the consumption of milk with soya milk and almond milk.

#10 Eat Healthy Fruit and Fruits:

Your body will reflect all that you eat and hence having a healthy eating habit is always a key to a beautiful look.

We have seen what we can not eat for oily skin let’s check what food intake is best for oily skin.

Start Eating Cucumber, Oranges, Avacado, Bananas, and vegetables like broccoli and spinach.

Drink Lemon Water and Coconut water.

#11 Add Yoga To the Routine:

Yoga can give several benefits to your skin. There are too many yoga poses you may get confused to start with.

The Wind releasing pose and The cobra pose are the best yoga poses to cure oily skin.

These are all the 11 remedies to get rid of oily skin. 

A plant can not grow into the tree in one day, We have to pour water every day for a certain amount of time

the same way you may not get the result the next day but keep doing it. Consistency is the way to success.

Let’s discuss one more FAQ which is very interesting

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Is it good to have oily skin?

The answer is “yes” although oily skin creates acne and pimple but it has some advantages too.
The skin having oil looks thicker in appearance and delays the aging process such as wrinkles so it is good news for people having oily skin.
I hope this article answered all of your queries about oily body skin and you will definitely follow all 11 tips into your routine.

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