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gabi demartino no makeup gallery

Being a popular face, Gabi always wears makeup to make herself look glamourous In front of the camera. Despite this, there are few Gabi DeMartino no makeup pictures that are really unrecognizable.

If you don’t know who is Gabriella DeMartino then let me tell you She is a famous YouTuber in the beauty/fashion niche. She had started a youtube channel with her sister Niki at a very young age. Later she worked as an actress, singer, and songwriter.

In this article, you will get to know everything real about Gabi, from her real hair color to her family background. To know if she had any surgery don’t forget to check all pictures.

Gabi DeMartino No Makeup Gallery:

Hot Gabi DeMartino Without Makeup In Night Gown

gabi demartino no makeup8
  • Hair Color – Dark Brown
  • Eyes Color – Light Brown
  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Body Shape Type – Triangle
  • Face Shape Type – Oval
  • Age – 25 years
  • Birthday – 5 May 1995
  • Birthplace – Tiraspol, Moldova
  • Height – 5 ft 3 in
  • Weight – 45 kg
  • Measurements – 34-27-36 inches
  • Net Worth – $2 Million
  • Father – Jeffrey DeMartino
  • Mother – Nelida Gracia-DerMartino
  • Brother – Anthony
  • Sister – Niki, Alex
  • Marital Status – Unmarried

In the above picture, gabi has worn her satin nightgown and before going to bed she wanted to shoot one video for youtube.

gabi demartino no makeup7
gabi demartino no makeup9

Gabi’s Childhood With Twin sister Niki And Brother Anthony

These are a few pictures of Gabi from her childhood, In the first picture, she was playing in the house, and in the second picture, she is cuddling her younger brother with a twin sister.

There are huge changes in the face structure of Gabi while she was growing and we can see her natural hair color is dark brown.

gabi demartino no makeup1

Facing Pimple Breakouts

Gabi has oily skin and she has to face scene, pimple, and their marks. Here in this picture, she was having a very hard pimple breakout that can not be covered with makeup.

gabi demartino no makeup4

Broken – Tears In Eyes

Gabi used to share everything about her life on youtube. That’s the reason her fans are always updated with her news. Here she was going through a very hard time while she chose to be alone for some time so that she can cry her heart out.

gabi demartino no makeup2

Looking Beautiful In Bikini

Here she went out for the vacation and clicked the picture in a bikini. The nude pink color is looking beautiful on her skin tone and she is also looking fab.

gabi demartino no makeup3

Gabi DeMartino No Makeup Selfie

This is no makeup selfie of gabi wearing a white robe. She must go for a shower or just had come out after taking a shower. No matter what it is she is looking cute.

gabi demartino no makeup5

Trying to be Funny

As a content creator, gabi tries so many things s to make her audience happy. Here she was talking to the youtube family and making some funny faces to entertain them.

originalgabi demartino no makeup7

Gabi’s Teenage Pictures Without Makeup

Gabi has started her youtube channel so early in her teenage and these are some pictures of her reminding the old days.

swollon eye
before surgery

Before Eye Lift Surgery Photos

This is how the eyes Gabriella looks before doing eyelift surgery. She said her eyes look so swollen that make her insecure always and she needs to apply lots of eye makeup to hide it. For this, she finally decided to go for eyelift surgery or ponytail surgery.

gabi eye lift surgery
gabi after eye lift

Post Eye Lift Surgery

This post-surgery picture of Gabi. She felt very satisfied with the result of this surgery and she finally uploaded the picture on her social media.

The result of this surgery s really so beautiful, you can see in the 2nd picture her eyes are looking so beautiful glamourous and there.

These are all Gabi DeMartino’s no makeup pictures. I hope you enjoyed watching the complete rare side of Gabi. Don’t forget to tell us your favorite pic.

Also, comment down your queries about beauty and makeup we will do our best to solve it.

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