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emilia clarke no makeup photos

Emilia Clarke is an English actress, she had her breakthrough with the role of Daenerys Targaryen in game of thrones.

She had received lots of love and appreciation from the GOT fans. In this article, you will see the top Emilia Clarke no makeup photos.

You will fall in love with her by seeing her cuteness, innocence, and beauty even without wearing makeup.

Top Image Of Emilia Clarke No Makeup:

Emilia Clarke No Makeup Selfie

emilia clarke no makeup2

Real Beauty Stats

  • Real Name – Emilia Clarke
  • Hair Color – Dark Brown
  • Eyes Color – Green
  • Hair Type – Wavy
  • Body Shape Type – Hourglass
  • Face Shape Type – Heart
  • Age – 34 years
  • Birthday – 23rd October 1986
  • Birthplace – London, England
  • Height – 5 ft 2 in
  • Weight – 52 kg
  • Measurements – 34-26-34 inches
  • Net Worth – $20 Million
  • Father – Peter Clarke
  • Mother – Jennifer Clarke
  • Siblings – Bennett Clarke
  • Boyfriend – Charlie McDowell

Emilia is popular for her no makeup looks and she very frequently posts her bare face, nude face slefies on her social media accounts.

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emilia clarke no makeup5

Emilia Clarke’s Dark Circle And Discoloration On Face

In this no-makeup selfie of Emilia, she was looking dull as she had some health issues. Her dark circles become too dark and visible. It seems like she hasn’t slept for days.

emilia clarke no makeup8

Enjoying Beach Trips With Friends

Here Emilia went for vacations with her friends. And throughout this trip, she hasn’t worn a single dot of makeup on her face.

emilia clarke no makeup13

Mud Makeup

This picture is so funny, I can’t understand what she was really trying to do with this mud. If she wanted to use it as a mask and a blackhead removal or wearing it as makeup.

emilia clarke no makeup3

Emilia Clarke Spotted Outdoor Without Wearing Makeup

This pretty lady went outdoors wearing near no makeup on her face. She has received a lot of beauty by nature. It is really awesome that she doesn’t struggle for looking beautiful.

emilia clarke no makeup1

Emilia Clarke’s Was Feeling Low

Here Emilia was feeling too emotional and literally, she started crying. She is looking just like other common women on the earth. Just look at her simplicity and the way she lives her normal life.

emilia clarke no makeup12

Morning Nude Face Selfie With Pet Dog

Emilia never hesitates or feels uncomfortable sharing her natural pictures on social media platforms. This is one of them where she is sharing her daily morning life. She uses eye mask before sleeping and she had her pet on the bed.

emilia clarke no makeup4

Heartbreaking Picture After Brain Surgery

Emilia had two brain aneurysms from the age of 24 when she was filming in starting seasons of GOT. Later this condition got worse in 2019 and she had gone through a big brain surgery for it. She had shared her whole journey of surgery with her fans. It was really shocking and painful for her fans to see her in this condition.

emilia clarke no makeup10

Enjoying Her Own Company

This is how Emilia enjoys whenever she is alone. She had some work outdoor so for passing her time she just put on her earphone grab some coffee and she is good to go. Who needs company.

emilia clarke no makeup11

Emilia Clarke’s Without Makeup Selfie With Godson

Emilia feels so happy and blissful whenever she is with her godson. Her godson is really so cute, the picture of Emilia and her son together always went too viral. Check a few of them viral images here.

emilia clarke no makeup7

Conversation With The Fans

Emilia always finds happiness in every small moment of her life and she just wants to live her life fully. She frequently comes to ‘LIVE’ to embrace the love of her fans, to share her feeling with them, and maintains a strong bond with them. You can see how happy she feels while talking to her fans on live sessions.

emilia clarke no makeup6

Emilia Went On Morning Walk Wearing Very Cool Clothes

This oversized yellow t-shirt cum hoodie went too viral when she wore it and went for the morning walk. Her Fans started checking for the same t-shirt the moment they watched Emilia worn it. Bdw she is looking cool wearing this loose oversized hoodie.

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