Dry skin is not the case. However, we bother a lot about it as it is the most common symptom of early aging. If you are in your mid 20’s or about to cross your 30s, you may have noticed your skin getting drier.

There are several reasons which can cause dry skin. The most common sense is environmental changes, changes in humidity in the air, aging, dehydration, and extreme sun exposure, which can be Genetic from your elders.

At the end of this article, a few FAQs are answered about dry skin and dry skin treatment, so you can go and check down there.

Most people think they should get a dry skin treatment without knowing its cause. But, unfortunately, it may not be a savior in many cases and can be treated at home just by following a proper skincare routine.

Here I am sharing some tips for dry skin treatment at home. This is nothing but a skincare routine one should follow if their skin gets dry frequently.

We will first see the most important tip: avoid frequent face washing and end with dos and don’ts about food intake.

Top 11 Effective Home Remedies for Dry Skin:

  1. Avoid Frequent Face Washing
  2. Reduce Shower Speed and Time
  3. Gently Pat Yourself with Soft Towel
  4. Apply Moisturizer Daily
  5. Drink Enough Water
  6. Try to Use Softer Clothes
  7. Apply Homemade Facemask
  8. Avoid Higher Speed of AC & Fans
  9. Increase Vitamin Intakes
  10. Consume more Orange-colored food and vegetable
  11. Better to avoid unhealthy food

#1 Avoid Frequent Face Washing:

It would help if you only washed your face once a day in the morning or before bed.

Frequent washing of the face results in oil extraction from the skin. Washing with plane water is also not recommended, so try to do it once a day only.

Cream-based facewash is best for dry skin if you like to wash it but do not use a foam-based face wash that makes your skin even drier.

#2 Reduce Shower Speed and Time:

Everyone wants a long warm shower after a hectic day out there but taking a long shower can make your skin dry.

So it can be challenging but helpful if you reduce the shower speed and the time to less than 5 min.

It is best to use glycerin-based soap if you have dry skin, as it will not dry out your skin completely.

#3 Gently Pat Yourself with Soft Towel:

After finishing the shower, gently pat or dab your skin with a soft towel.

Rubbing a towel on the skin and pulling it down is not a good habit for healthy skin.

This will create friction and can extract the remaining oil from the skin, and this habit will end up resulting in dry skin.

#4 Apply Moisturizer Daily:

Do not forget to apply moisturizer just after you finish bathing. Moisturizer helps better when you use it on damp skin.

Make sure you apply moisturizer before the skin gets dry ultimately. Apply moisturizer at least twice a day for better results.

Go for creamy moisturizers such as shea butter and cocoa butter moisturizer.

Also, Apply sunscreen with higher SPF. It is better to be consulted by a doctor as per your skin type. Sun exposure also makes your skin dry, so do not forget to apply it.

#5 Drink Enough Water:

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated because dehydration also causes skin drying.

Drink at least eight glasses of water during a typical cloudy day. You must drink 10-12 glasses of water in summer.

This is the most accessible and best dry skin treatment that anyone can follow.

#6 Try to Use Softer Clothes:

Dry skin is more prone to allergic reactions like itching, peeling, scratches on the body also sometimes bleeding.

Use new soft synthetic clothes for daily wear, which will not irritate your skin and prevents the spreading of reaction to the other part of the skin.

#7 Apply Homemade Facemask:

Applying a natural homemade facemask is the most effective Dry Skin Treatment efficiently at home.

Egg, Banana, Cocoa, Avacado, and Curd are superb products for homemade dry skin treatment.

Make your favorite facemask from the above ingredient, then apply it to your face. Gently massage the mask, leave it for 20 minutes and then wash with water; the result will amaze you.

#8 Avoid Higher Speed of AC & Fans:

The M.D. Dermatologist Neal Schultz explains a theory of the ‘Wind Chill Factor, which says whenever a wind speed across our skin increases, we get greater evaporated. As a result, it dries out the skin more.

So try to avoid high fan speed while sleeping or during the day.

Also, apply moisturizer before exposure to lots of air; it will protect the skin from getting dry.

#9 Increase Vitamin Intakes:

Vitamins deficiency like Vitamin D, E, and Collagen is the main reason for the dryness of your skin. These three factors play a vital role in having beautiful soft skin.

You can go for the food intake, which helps you get these vitamins. Then, you can either go for a vitamins checkup and plan your diet according to it.

Fatty Fish, Salmon, and Egg yolk are the best source of vitamin D. At the same time, sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, and avocado are the rich source of vitamin E. Anything that contains a high amount of zinc will help in repairing the skin by creating Collagen.

#10 Consume more Orange-colored food and vegetable:

Bright foods in colors, such as carrots, apricot, and bell peppers act as an antioxidant for the skin. It is so effective in reducing dry skin and preventing skin aging.

Consumption of oranges keeps you more hydrated, so also add it to your routine.

#11 Better to avoid unhealthy food:

In the case of dry skin, it is always better to avoid the food that extracts moisturizer from the skin.

Alcohol, hot coffee, and tea are not suitable for dry skin. Also, avoid food that has high sodium content, such as food having extra salt.

These are all 11 dry skin treatments you can easily do on your own at home.

Let’s see some faqs about dry skin and dry skin treatment,

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

What causes dehydrated skin?

The answer is ignoring it at its first stage. The dry skin can be caused by hot, cold weather and changes in air humidity, mostly in the winter. It can be genetic for a few people, and for others, it is due to unhealthy habits.
If it is not taken care of at its first stage, it can become more irritating and itchy,. If it is not getting a cure for long even after taking all basic precautions, then you should see a doctor, and if they suggest, then go to a dermatologist.

What does dry skin look like?

The answer is Dry skin looks rough, dull, and Flaky skin somewhere on the face. Sometimes it may look like a spider net with many scratches and lines. In a few cases, if the skin is too itchy, it will appear red and bumpy.
The dry skin can also cause skin peeling socially on the palm and the feet.
I hope you found this article helpful, and this homemade dry skin treatment gives you relief at the first stage.