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  • How To Do Halloween Makeup | 26 Unique Halloween Makeup Ideas

    Have you decided on your Halloween look or not? I can completely understand the situation outdoor in 2020 and it is not in our hands to comment on if Halloween will be celebrated in huge gatherings or not. But you should definitely celebrate Halloween for you and your family’s happiness at your house. The fall […]

  • How To Get A Jawline With Makeup | Within 5 Minutes

    You may have heard hundreds of solutions for getting a jawline. Some say do facial yoga. Some say go for the surgery. The best way to get a temporary jawline is by doing makeup. Then how do get a jawline with makeup? The answer is “Contouring your face”. Contouring has become so popular primarily for […]

  • 10 Best Ways To Look Older Without Makeup

    I can understand this problem with the babyface people who want to look older without makeup. Making yourself look older with makeup makes you dull, wrinkled face, but that’s not What you desire. So, here I am sharing the fantastic ten ways to look older without makeup on your face. If you ignore makeup, two more things […]

  • Easy Beauty And The Beast Halloween Makeup Guide

    Previously we have seen 26 different Halloween makeup ideas you all loved a lot, so I decided to bring one more article for Halloween Makeup. You will see how you can do beauty and the beast Halloween Makeup on your own. There are different variations you can try, so stay tuned till the end. How […]

  • How To Clean Eyelashes Glue On Yourself | 5 Superb Ways To Reuse

    When you go for comfy and reasonable quality eyelashes, they nearly cost 20$-25$, and what if only on first use, it gets so dirty with mascara and glue, which will look very messy if you use it like that only? So in today’s article, we will see one popular question Can You Reuse False Eyelashes? […]

  • How To Make Your Old Mascara Waterproof In 3 Easy Ways

    How To Make Your Old Mascara Waterproof In 3 Easy Ways

    I can really understand no matter what you wear on your lashes it will liquefy and melted down on your cheeks while enjoying pool parties. To save yourself from embarassments, Today I have come up with really cool ways to make your old mascara waterproof. You can try these tricks that will surely help in […]

  • 13 Best Fall Makeup Looks To Try This Year

    Fall Excitement is at its peak and in that, you should know what makeup looks you must try this year to look amazing and fresh. Fall is like a new beginning for everyone. Tress starts changing their color, the weather changes from super hot days to cozy cold days. It’s time to say no to […]

  • How To Clean A Beauty Blender At Home | Quick and Easy

    If you are continuously using the same blender again and again without cleaning it properly then you are at high risk to get breakdowns and acne on your skin because of bacteria on the used dusty sponge. It is very much needed to know about how you can clean a beauty blender at home without […]

  • Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial – [10 Easy Steps]

    Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial – [10 Easy Steps]

    Why do you need an eye makeup tutorial? Eye Makeup is the most critical part of makeup especially when you are a beginner and don’t know how to it. If you really want to learn how to apply perfect eye makeup then you are at the right place. In this article, I am sharing step by […]

  • 7 Basic Makeup Tips For Beginner | Start Wearing Makeup Today

    7 Basic Makeup Tips For Beginner | Start Wearing Makeup Today

    Knowing a basic makeup guide always comes in handy to look glam every day but most women stay out of makeup because they scare if they messed up everything just like me before. Don’t worry ladies here I came up with very basic makeup tips for beginner level and you will learn how to do perfect makeup […]