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Cardi b no makeup photos gallery

Cardi B is a real person who truly embraces her natural beauty with all flaws. This glam world and popularity never stopped her from appearing with her bare face on cameras.

In this article, You will get to see Cardi b no makeup photos from her childhood to motherhood.

Cardi B Without Makeup Photos – Childhood To Motherhood

Here are the pictures of Cardi b without makeup that show how she has grown up and how much she has changed since childhood. No doubt she is a beauty from her childhood.

Belcalis Almanzar professionally known as Cardi b who is a popular American rapper. You may have seen her so many times performing on stage but today you will get to see her in real life.

How Cardi b lives in her house? how did she use to keep herself indoor or whenever she avoid makeup? You will get answers to all these questions here.

Would you like to see the best no-makeup photo of cardi B?

Cardi B went to the airport wearing a white robe. She had worn a yellow and blue hair wig with a sleeper. This is what makes her different and unique.

Cardi B Without Makeup At Airport

Cardi b no makeup 22
  • Hair Color – Black
  • Eyes Color – Black
  • Hair Type – Crimp Waves (Curly Hairs)
  • Body Shape Type – Triangle
  • Face Shape Type – Kite
  • Cardi B Age – 28 years
  • Birthday – 11 October 1992
  • Birthplace – Manhattan, new york, US
  • Height – 5 ft 6 in
  • Weight – 55 kg (121 lbs)
  • Measurements – 34- 25 – 38 inches
  • Father Name – Carlos Almanzar
  • Mother Name – Unknown
  • Spouse/Boyfriend – Offset
  • Children’s – Daughter (Kulture Kiari Cephus)
  • Cardi B Real Name – Belcalis Almanzar

As you know Cardi B’s beauty stat lets’ move on to her other No makeup photos at various situations, places, and occasions.

Cardi b no makeup 12

Cardi B No Makeup Selfie in Black Dress

This is the selfie picture of cardi b. Here she has worn a hot black nightgown. There is no secret that cardi doesn’t feel shy to show her bare face. She can sacrifice her makeup but not her long nails.

Cardi b no makeup 11

Cardi B’s Real Nose Shape

Cardi B’s facial features look sharp and attractive on stage but this is the reality when she doesn’t wear any makeup. Her nose is looking long and broad in this photo. This is how makeup can change one’s facial features.

Cardi b no makeup 6

Cardi B With Husband Offset

In this pic, Cardi B and her husband Offset are enjoying their holiday trip. Cardi B was missing offset and then she posted this memory of her on Instagram.

Cardi b no makeup 5

Cardi B With Daughter Kulture – Car Selfie

Cardi B is enjoying herself with her daughter in this picture. Daughter Kulture was hugging her mother. They both are looking too cute together.

Cardi b no makeup 17

Cardi B Went outdoor Makeupless During Lockdown

Cardi B was taking full precaution in the lockdown. She went outdoor makeup-less wearing a grey mask. If she can come live with her skin flaws then she can definitely go outdoor with no makeup.

Cardi b no makeup 14

Cardi B Without Makeup At Mall

This is the picture of Cardi B at the mall in Miami. She wore a beautiful blue color dress showing her hourglass figure. She is adjusting her dress in this pic and also speaking on the call.

I have not seen such a real personality, you can see she had come just like other common people in the Mall. No fancy clothes, no makeup, no matching jewelry or accessories.

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Cardi b no makeup 19

Captured With Baby Daughter At Airport

This photo has been clicked at the airport when daughter Kulture was a child. Cardi B always tries to become a perfect mother for Kulture. She loves to spend time with her family instead of wasting doing her makeup.

Cardi b no makeup 2

Cardi B Making Weird Irritated Face

Cardi B has worn a scarf and a black t-shirt in this photo. She was giving a weird pose in this photo like she didn’t like something.

Cardi b no makeup 4

Belcalis Beauty and Glow On Nude Face

This is my other favorite no makeup photo of Cardi B. Just look at her skin, it is glowing and flawless, you will fall in love with her skin here.

Here she is having a live chat with her fans. She likes to interact with all her fans on regular basis.

Cardi B always chose to be in her natural look wherever she talks to her fans.

Cardi b no makeup 10

Cardi B’s Selfie In The Bathroom

This picture is in the bathroom of Cardi B. She has wrapped the towel on her head to dry the hair.

You will not believe but she went live to talk with her fans in this look.

Cardi b no makeup 18

Enjoying Holidays With Offset

Here offset lifted Cardi B on his back. Cardi B wears bickney in this photo. Both were enjoying together and giving couple goals.

Cardi b no makeup 15

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Outdoor Photo

This is Cardi B no makeup outdoor photo. She wore a yellow wig on her hair, a red t-shirt, and blue jegging. Cardi just loves experimenting with her outfit, hair, and nails but when it comes to makeup she chose to stay away from it.

cardi b in blemishes 2021

Cardi B Blast Her Anger On Haters About No Makeup Pictures

Cardi B got too angry at those who posted her no makeup pictures in motion. She posted her makeup-free video on Instagram just after 20 minutes she woke up.

Here she is showing blemishes on her face. She accepted her real face structure and skin issues saying “I don’t care about it and I Love Myself”.

cardi b in 2021

Trying To Cool Down Her Anger

After speaking her heart out cardi B trying to be cool down by listening to calm silent music. She was really too angry and broken.

This is Cardi B’s first without makeup picture of 2021.

cardi b without teeth

Cardi B Without Teeth Surgery

Yes, Cardi B’s teeth before looks totally different than it is now. She had gone through the surgical rearranged process to get perfect teeth. She was underconfident and feels insecure to smile up openly because of her uneven tooth. She spends almost $12,500 to fix her teeth.

Cardi B No Makeup Vs Makeup Comparison

Here is the comparison between cardi b no makeup and makeup looks. Just look at the difference between both images.

Cardi b no makeup 16
cardi nude makeup

Cardi B Teeth Then And Now

This is a comparison of Cardi B’s teeth before and after surgery. Here you can see clearly her teeth were not at all aligned in the first image. See the change in her teeth after surgery that gives her a confident beautiful smile forever.


Cardi B No Makeup Video – Answering To All people Who Trolled Her For Ugly No Makeup Looks In Motion

This is the no-makeup video of cardi b, she was too tired of people’s comments, hater’s replies, trolling for all her skin issues.

To answer all of them she shot a video just 20 minutes after she woke up, she even did not brush her hair. She was really angry, watch the video to see what she replied to her haters.

Cardi B No Makeup Look Alike – Cardi B’s Doppelganger

You may have heard that we all have on average 7 doppelgangers in the world. Recently cardi b’s look like went too viral on social media.

Cardi B’s doppelganger is from new york city, she is a woman 26 years old who has exactly similar features to Cardi B.

cardi b alike
Cardi b without makeup123

These are all 25 Cardi b no makeup photos I hope you liked and enjoyed watching it.

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