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caitlyn jenner no makeup photo gallery

Caitlyn is a very popular television personality, transgender rights activist, and a gold-medalist retired athlete. Caitlyn is the inspiration of many people out there who are fighting for their rights.

Let’s see the Caitlyn Jenner no makeup pictures from 2015 to 2021. We will first see her latest picture where Kylie is doing Caitlyn’s makeup. Kylie has completely changed her look and done very beautiful makeup.

Caitlyn Jenner No Makeup Photo With Daughter Kylie:

caitlyn jenner no makeup9
caitlyn jenner no makeup8

These are before and after makeup pictures of Caitlyn. You can see her face before makeup and how Kylie has completely changed Caityln’s facial features using her makeup skills. This proves why she is the number one makeup artist.

Before transforming into the female Caitlyn had known with the name William Bruce Jenner. Caitlyn loves wearing makeup frequently but there are some times she caught without makeup that leave her fans surprised.

Caitlyn Went Out Without Wearing Mask

caitlyn jenner no makeup11
  • Hair Color – Blonde
  • Eyes Color – Ligh Brown
  • Hair Type – Silky
  • Body Shape Type – Hourglass
  • Face Shape Type – Oblong
  • Age – 72 years
  • Birthday – 28 October 1949
  • Birthplace – Mount Kisco, New York, US
  • Height – 6 ft 2 in
  • Weight – 88 kg
  • Measurements – 38-27-38 inches
  • Net Worth – $100 Million
  • Father – William Hugh Jenner
  • Mother – Esther R
  • Sister – Lisa Jenner, Pam Jenner
  • Brother – Burt Jenner

In the above picture, Caitlyn chose to go out without wearing a mask where the whole world was in lockdown and everyone has to wear a mask outdoor.

This is not the first time Caitlyn was caught 2 more times during lockdown without wearing any mask. These mistakes made her face so many questions from the media.

Let’s See the remaining two pictures in which she was caught outdoor during a strict lockdown period in California.

caitlyn jenner no makeup12
caitlyn jenner no makeup10

Caityln During Lockdown 2020

Where the whole world is locked inside their home Caitlyn chooses to go on a solo trip. In the second picture, she leaves her house to bring some coffee. There is nothing wrong to go outside for taking essential stuff but the wrong thing is she has not followed the rule of wearing a mask.

She is a popular personality and this could have given the wrong message to her fans.

caitlyn jenner no makeup2

Caitlyn Worried About Her Responsibilities

As she is the voice of transgenders, she worried a lot about the responsibilities. She thinks a lot about what she speaks, what she acts as right or wrong. This picture is during that period when she spoke her heart out.

caitlyn jenner no makeup3

Full Of Wrinkle Face

Caitlyn has crossed 70 years and this is obvious for a human face to get wrinkles. Here in this picture her forehead wrinkles, baggy eyes, bumps on her face are clearly visible.

caitlyn jenner no makeup4

Caitlyn Skin Looks So Paled Without Makeup

This is her natural skin tone If she doesn’t use any makeup product or brown tone foundation she looks so pale. Here she went out for a walk wearing any foundation, that is revealing her natural skin tone.

caitlyn jenner no makeup5

Feeling Relaxed In The Pool

Away from all chaos, Caitlyn went for a vacation, There she enjoyed every moment at the seaside. She is relaxing in the pool after playing a lot in seawater.

caitlyn jenner no makeup6

Caitlyn Jenner No Makeup Photo In Sport Clothes

As an athlete, Caitlyn just loves port clothes, bands, and classy outfits. Here she had worn a blue t-shirt with a headband. She was having some kind of pressure that is clearly visible on her face.

These are all Caitlyn Jenner no makeup pictures. I hope you enjoyed watching her photos.

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