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amal clooney no makeup photos in 2021

Amal Clooney is really a perfect example of beauty with a brain. With all the job responsibilities and hectic workloads she anyway manages her look and style that make everybody go crazy about her.

But on the other side, Amal looks completely unrecognizable when she does not wear any makeup. And this article is to show you the best of Amal Clooney no makeup pictures.

You will get to know if Amal Clooney had any plastic surgery or not. How she looks with a bare face and no-makeup look. With this, you will get to know more about the real-life of Amal Clooney here.

13 Best Amal Clooney No Makeup Pictures In 2021:

Amal Looking Beautiful In Pajama

amal in pajama
  • Hair Color – Dark Brown
  • Eyes Color – Light Brown
  • Hair Type – Silky Waves
  • Body Shape Type – Hourglass
  • Face Shape Type – Oblong
  • Age – 43 years
  • Birthday – 4 Feb 1978
  • Birthplace – Beirut, Lebanon
  • Height – 5 ft 7 in
  • Weight – 54 kg
  • Measurements – 34-26-35 inches
  • Net Worth – $2 Million
  • Father – Ramzi Alamuddin
  • Mother – Baria Alamuddin
  • Half Brother – Ziad, Samer
  • Sister –Tala Alamuddin
  • Marital Status – Married
  • Spouse – George Clooney
  • Children’s – Twins
  • Son – Alexander
  • Daughter – Ella

In the above picture, Amal is going somewhere in her daily house clothes i.e pajamas and a Jerkin. She is looking dam beautiful in the above picture. She really has a god-gifted happy and healthy face.

amal clooney no makeup7

Trying To Hide Her Face From Camera

Here Amal went outdoor without wearing any makeup on her face and she got caught with media. She was trying to hide her face and she doesn’t want to get captured on the camera and become a hot topic for gossips.

amal clooney gym

Going for Walk With Hubby

Amal is not a fitness freak person. She has never been captured while going gym or jog. Now as she started aging, she had decided to take care of her health and to go on a walk every morning with her husband George.

This picture is a blur but cute Both are throwing a couple of goals.

unrecognizalble amal clooney without makeup

Amal Clooney Is Unrecognizable In Bare Face Picture

This is a picture where Amal fans do not recognize her even she was in a public place as she did not wear a single makeup product on her face.

amal clooney old memories with husband

Naughty Picture Of Amal And Husband George

This is a very old picture of Amal and George where they were doing naughty things together. Amla is soo skinny, can you see her waist gets fit in the palm of George’s.

amal clooney no makeup4

Aging Gracefully Together

In this picture both husband-wife look a little older but also beautiful. This is I think a perfect example of aging gracefully.

amal clooney no makeup3

Amal Spotted Makeupless At Airport

Amal never goes out of fashion but she can live without makeup. Here she has spotted at the airport wearing a-line jeans and white tank top and a stylish cap.

before surgery5
Before Surgery
amal clooney no makeup66
After Surgery

Amal Clooney Before and After Surgery Pictures

In the old pictures of Amal, we can see her nose is bigger from the sides and her lower eyelids look swollen. But In the latest pictures of her nose is sharped and her eyes are more opened. It is clearly seen that she had got some surgery for her eyelids and nose.

It could be rumors but Amal has not even accepted or denied this allegation of plastic surgery on her.

amal clooney no makeup9

Pink Glowy Look Of Amal

In this picture, the real glow of Amal is clearly visible. Her skin type may be oily and she got oil on her chin, nose, and cheek and that makes her skin shine under the night lights.

amal cooley no makeup6

Amal With Her Parents

This is the family of Amal before marriage. it’s her father and a mother. Her parents feel so proud of Amal that she is so talented and kind-hearted person.

amal clooney no makeup1

Hanging out With Friends

She just loves to enjoy and hang out with her close friends. This is a very old picture of her where is drunk and her friend is showing his glass of drink to the camera.

amal with her kids

Amal Clooney With Her Kids

Amal and George have 3 years old twin kids that are Alexander and Ella. Her kids are as beautiful as she is even more than that. She has spotted at the airport holding both kids in her arms.

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