For every woman, belly fat is like a horror dream that no one wants to come around, but not everyone can maintain their belly fat. Also, with the fast-going life and lots of responsibilities, you can easily forget about your fitness especially after having kids.

In this article, I came up with 13 reasons that mainly cause belly fat in females. Belly fat becomes a trouble when we want to wear skin-tight party dresses or swimming dresses. Check what causes belly fat in women and accordingly find out the solution for it.

At the end of this article, I have shared a few FAQs related to what causes belly fat in females, so don’t forget to check down there.

Checkout 13 Reasons Causes Belly Fat In Females:

The followings are the reasons that can cause belly fat in females. Let’s start with the prevalent cause of i.e. stress level and will end up on Low Proteins and Low Fiber Diet

  1. Stress Level
  2. PCOS
  3. Calories In VS Calories Burn
  4. Lazy Conveniences
  5. Inactivity
  6. High Sugar Food and Beverages
  7. More Alcohol Intake
  8. Eating Bad Fats
  9. Aging process
  10. Inadequate Sleep
  11. Post Pregnancy
  12. Genetics
  13. Low Proteins and Low Fiber Diet

#1 Stress Level:

  • According to the Study of the American psychological association, Women are more likely to report physical and emotional symptoms of stress than men.
  • Study says when we are in stress or high tension our body releases stress hormones i.e. Cortisol which raises insulin level in the body and then create more fats in the body especially around the belly because fat cells around our waistline have 4 times more cortisol receptor than other body parts.
  • In this way, stress causes belly fats in females more as there stress level is more.

#2 PCOS:

  • PCOS is the most common hormonal disorder in females that causes many women problems such as obesity, acne, body hair growth, etc.
  • Hormone Insulin which helps converts food into energy, PCOS disorder makes it more difficult to use it by the body, and hence more insulin creation results in more weight gain according to WebMD.

#3 Calories In VS Calories Burn:

  • Consuming more calories than you burn is one of the most common causes of belly fat in females. When you consume more calories than your body’s requirement the excess is stored as Fat.
  • Excess Fat is easily get situated near the belly than other body parts. We are very well aware that when it comes to burning it we feel lazy and that’s the main reason you get belly fat.

#4 Lazy Conveniences:

  • In today’s life, we have an elevator instead of stairs, we have robots for house cleaning, we have online apps to order grocery and vegetables all these may have saved your time but also it makes you lazy.
  • If you are working the whole day in one place and then you take a lift for going downstairs and upstairs then where will your calories go, it will no doubt store as Fat.

#5 Inactivity:

  • Your habits speak about your health and fitness the same way your inactivity speaks about your belly fat.
  • If you are doing very little physical activity or exercise throughout the day the chances of getting belly fat increase.
  • The women who regularly do exercises and yoga or a gym can not get excess belly fats.

#6 High Sugar Food and Beverages:

  • Your food choices leave a major impact on your body shape. Eating High sugar food such as cakes, candies, drinks creates an overload on the liver, as high sugar food contains high fructose amount. and the liver will convert the excess fructose into Fat.
  • You may eat a lot of sugar than you actually realize it as frozen yogurt can also be a high sugar product but you feel it as healthier food. This becomes the reason for your belly.

#7 More Alcohol Intake:

  • Alcohol can be a reason for belly fat which is also called a beer belly.
  • No doubt alcohol contains calories and also it an inflammatory substance so if it is consumed frequently it can create inflammation and swell inside the body.
  • High calories result in weight gain and one study says 80% of people who drink regularly have belly fat.

#8 Eating Bad Fats:

  • It is important to know the difference between bad Fat and good Fat because we mistakenly eat the food and we feel it is of low Fat also called invisible Fat.
  • Do you know 1 medium size pizza slice has 15-20g fat? while one spoon butter has only 5 g fat but only we can see it’s Fat we avoid butter and choose pizza, biscuits, cupcakes?

#9 Aging process:

  • Aging brings many changes to a female body. Females belly shape changes after having a baby after that they go in menopause where their menstrual cycle finishes.
  • Menopause causes hormonal changes in women’s body and the hormone which helps to regulate metabolism i.e. estrogen decreases resulting weight gain.

#10 Inadequate Sleep:

  • 8 hours of sleep is the best tip anyone could give for your beauty and health.
  • Researchers found that the person who sleeps less than 5 hours a night gain abdominal fat in the next 5 year as compared to the person who sleeps well and above 6 hours.
  • Stress, using mobile before sleeping, and thinking too much may disturb your sleep.

#11 Post Pregnancy:

  • It is no secret that the female body gains belly fat in pregnancy and if it is not taken care of properly it becomes so hard to get rid of such belly fat.
  • A female belly requires 9 moths to stretch fully of baby’s size the same way it needs some weeks to tighten it but it also depends on your activities and belly shape before pregnancy.

#12 Genetics:

  • Research says obesity can be transferred by genes from one generation to the next and next to the next generation.
  • Your genes control how your body stores fat than your diet hence there is a possibility of having belly fat if your father or mother also suffering from it.

#13 Low Proteins and Low Fiber Diet:

  • Taking protein intake releases fullness hormones which makes you feel full by decreasing appetite. Study shows that our belly fat is inversely proportional to the quality proteins.
  • Eat meat, eggs, dairy products, beans to get a good quality protein.
  • Soluble fibers absorb water and create gels which helps in digestion by slowing down the food also it makes you feel full and can be helpful in reducing weight.
  • You can have soluble fiber like blueberries, avocado, flaxseed, etc.

I hope you enjoyed knowing what Causes Belly Fat In Females and like this article.

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Let’s see a few FAQ’s related to what causes belly fat in females and belly fat problems.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Is it normal to have Fat on your stomach?

The answer is Yes but it depends on our body height. According to WebMD if a female’s belly above 34 inches and men’s belly is above 40 inches then it can be called obesity.
Belly fat can brings you to many health problems such as diabetes, heart attack, inflammation. If the belly fat is of visceral type it can also affect your internal organs liver and kidney.

Do bananas make you gain belly fat?

The answer is No, a banana actually helps you to get rid of belly fat. Banana has rich fiber content that can satisfy your appetite and makes you feel full and helps your body in burning Fat.