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Begineers Eye Makeup Tutorial

Why do you need an eye makeup tutorial? Eye Makeup is the most critical part of makeup especially when you are a beginner and don’t know how to it. If you really want to learn how to apply perfect eye makeup then you are at the right place.

In this article, I am sharing step by step eye makeup tutorial that I have learned eventually from my mistakes and experiences. You will get to know from what color palette you should have to how to create perfect smokey wings.

Do you know step no 4 is my favorite task because I was a beginner I always got stuck there? Now please stop laughing and let’s move toward the 10 easy steps of eye makeup tutorial.

10 Easy Steps For Beginners

  • Choosing Right Brush and Pallete
  • Creating a Perfect Base
  • Building a Darker Crease Area
  • Creating a Perfect Wing
  • Applying Light Shades Over The Lids
  • Creating Smokey lower Lashline
  • Highlighting The BrowBone Areas
  • Fill In EyeBrows
  • Apply Eyeliner
  • Apply Mascara and Eyelashes

10 Easy Steps To Eye Makeup Tutorial

We will start with what color palette and brushes you should use or buy as a beginner and going forward we will learn how to apply each product perfectly and will finish at eyelashes.

Step 1: Choosing Right Brush and Pallete:

1 Brushes and Color Needed

It is so important to select the correct Eyeshadow color palette and brushes otherwise you will end up wasting lots of money and using only a few of them.

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Always select an eyeshadow which has few light eyeshadow colors few darker colors and 2-3 shimmer eyeshadows. Having such an eyeshadow palette helps you get ready on any occasion. Nude makeup for office and smokey look for Friday night.

You don’t need a bunch of brushes to apply perfect eye makeup. One medium-size fluffy blending brush, Liner brush, crease line brush, Smudge brush these four brushes are enough to apply eye makeup.

Step 2: Creating a Perfect Base:

2 Making a Perfect Base

Why the base needed? The base is used to make dark spots and pigmentation invisible. Unlike other face skin, our eye skin area is more sensitive and get darken easily.

To make this area even, oil-free you will need to apply a base so that eyeshadow colors will blend smoothly and not come out of the skin.

Apply concealer above and underneath the eyes and blend it with the beauty blender sponge. After that apply loose setting powder and here is your eye base ready.

Step 3: Building a Darker Crease Area:

3 Building a Darker Crease Area

Always start applying eye makeup with the crease areas and start with a lighter eyeshadow that suits your tone.

Use a blending brush and start blending with little darker eyeshadows. Once you blend it, take a crease line brush and take one shade of dark eyeshadow and smoothly build your crease line area.

In the end, take a clean blending brush again to smoothly merge it all together.

Step 4: Creating a Perfect Wing:

4 Creating a Perfect Wing

You can call it a perfect wing when it started from your eye end and ended towards the end of the eyebrow. As a beginner getting a sharp wing is difficult and I can totally understand it.

Apply a Tape between your eye end and brow end, this will create a perfect wing and prevent the spreading of color outside the edge.

Step 5: Applying Light Shades Over The Lids:

5 Targeting Lids With Light Shades

Lids are always lighter than the crease and the outer edge of the eye.

Apply a light eyeshadow to the lid or either you can apply golden shimmer eyeshadow which looks awesome on lids.

Use a smudge brush, take some eyeshadow on the brush, tap out the excess product, and apply the eyeshadow on lids then blend it with the side eyeshadow color carefully.

Step 6: Creating Smokey lower Lashline:

6 Create Smokey Lashline

Smokey eyes have become a trend nowadays also a dream look to everyone. It is as hard as stylish it looks.

Outer edges and lashlines should be always of darker eyeshades like dark brown or black.

Take a smudge brush to take some product on it and tap out the excess and then dab the product on out edges and then blend it with a blending brush. make sure the darker color should not cover your lids.

Take a liner brush and build your outer lashline with dark eyeshadow. Keep your inner eyelashes bright.

Step 7: Highlighting The BrowBone Areas:

7 Highlighting The Areas

You should highlight two areas that are inner eye corner and brow bones. These are the lightest part of our eye.

You can use shimmer shades to highlight the areas and liner and brush for inner corners and smudge brush for brow bones.

Step 8: Fill In EyeBrows:

8 Making EyeBrows

Your eyebrows are the most prominent feature of your face. It is okay if you keep your eyes nude but not making your eyebrows can surely mess up your look.

To make your eyebrow you will need an eyebrow pencil with spoolie and liner brush. Always select a color of pencil that suits your eyebrow color so that it will look more natural.

First, comb your eyebrows in proper shape with the help of spoolie and then slowly apply an eyebrow pencil. Don’t apply a lot at once it may look artificial.

Take your time while doing your eyebrows and spread it equally with the help of a small liner brush and you are done with your eyebrow.

Step 9: Apply Eyeliner:

9 Apply Eyeliner

We have already applied tape in step 4 that will help us with the liner too. You can create a liner wing in the direction of the tape that creates a perfect wing that suits our eye shape.

Apply a thin line for the inner eyelash and make it thick at the edge and create a thick wing.

Apply a liquid liner because pencil liner may create a thicker inner line that akes your eye looks small and can hide your eye makeup too.

Step 10: Apply Mascara and Eyelashes:

10 Mascara and Eyelashes

The last step of the eye makeup tutorial is to make your eyelashes. You will need mascara, eyelashes.

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The first step is to curl your eyelashes with the eyelashes curler but if you don’t want to buy it no problem with it.

Apply eye mascara carefully and give an outward shape to your eyelashes.

To apply artificial eyelash, apply glue on it and first, stick it to the center of the eye and hold it for 5 sec then apply it to complete eye.

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I hope you like the step by step Eye Makeup Tutorial and you willl now able to apply eye makeup of your dream!

Dos and Don’ts for eye makeup:


  • Keep your mirror to chin level to build upper eyes and keep it above your head level to build lower lashline.
  • Always use a liner or thin brush to highlight the inner corner.
  • Create a liner wing between eye end and brow end line that suits your eyes.
  • Create an outline first to perfectly apply eyeliner.


  • Never use a fluffy brush for the eyelid.
  • Never start with a dark eyeshadow to build your crease area.
  • Don’t apply thicker liner on the inner lashline.
  • Don’t make your inner corner smokey.
  • Don’t Ignore Base.
  • Don’t waste money on buying lots of products that you will not going to use.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

Should you do your eye makeup first?

The answer is No, Eye makeup needs lots of patients and accuracy to build it correctly so if you want you can do it after you finish foundation and concealer step on your face but it is always better if you do it in the end so that it will remain fresh and there will be no chances to mess it.

Can makeup affect your eyes?

The answer is sometimes it can be, To avoid irritation and redness caused due to the products you should always tap out the excess product from the brushes so that chance of product entering your eyes reduces.

Why does my eye makeup smudge under my eye?

The answer is oil. Our skin produces oil to keep it healthy and moisturized and it is very common. To avoid smudging of eye makeup do the following tips.
1. Use blotting paper to remover oil before you apply makeup.
2. Apply loose power that makes your skin dry.
3. Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara.
4. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

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