Previously we have seen 26 different Halloween makeup ideas you all loved a lot, so I decided to bring one more article for Halloween Makeup.

You will see how you can do beauty and the beast Halloween Makeup on your own.

There are different variations you can try, so stay tuned till the end.

How To Do Beauty and the Beast Makeup Look:

We will see the beauty and the beast couple makeup and beauty and the beast on the same person.

Beauty (Belle) Makeup Look For Halloween:

Beauty Belle Makeup Look For Halloween

You have seen the Disney princess has perfect makeup so there is no chance of mistakes being considered in this makeup.

But don’t worry, it’s not that hard you can do it by yourself by following the correct steps.

You can also get extra detailed knowledge about makeup and eye makeup.

Create a Smooth Clear Base:

1 Create a Smooth Clear Base

Disney princess has pure clear skin so the first thing you have to do is to hide all your dark spots and marks on the face.

Use Foundation and concealer both to get a perfect finish.

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer and primer otherwise, your makeup will crease.

Making Princess Eyes:

2 Making Princess Eyes

Oh my god, I love belle’s eyes. For creating eye makeup like belle, you will need eyeshadow with yellow, golden shimmer, brown eyeshadows, fake eyelashes, and eyeliner.

With the help of brown eyeshadow, set your eye crease and blend yellow and golden shimmer from the eyelids to the crease.

Take your time to apply eyeliner and create a perfect line just like belle has.

Then stick long, thick eyelashes.

Belle EyeBrow Making:

3 Belle EyeBrow Making

If you have noticed Belle has perfect lifted eyebrows of rounded shape so you will need to create lifted eyebrows.

Outlined the eyebrows with a pencil and then with very light pressure started filling the gaps.

Belle Hairstyle and Costume:

4 Belle Hairstyle and Cosume

For creating hairstyles like belle, Separate two flips from the front and backcombing give volume to it.

Now take half portion of the remaining hair and create a bun. Make sure your bun looks voluminous.

Attached are the flips to the bun from both side and then finally wrap the yellow ribbon around the bun and make a knot.

Here is your beauty (belle) makeup look is completed.

let’s create the Beast makeup look from beauty and the beast Halloween makeup guide.

Beast Makeup Look For Halloween:

Beast Makeup Look For Halloween

Let me tell you the beast makeup is quite more challenging than the beauty makeup so have patience.

Outlined the wounds and teeth on the Face:

Take an eyebrow pencil or eye pencil and outline the fake teeth, wounds, and marks as shown by
Madeyewlook in the following video.

Take a dark foundation and apply on the face except for the teeth, nose and eyebrows.

Apply white face paint on the nose, eyebrows, and teeth.

Create Beast Face Hairs:

Now with the dark brown eyeshadow, start creating beast hair on the forehead, jawline, under eyes, upper lips and chin.

Use some black lines to give it a natural look.

Making Beast Nose and Mouth:

Apply a light pink lipstick on your lower lip and then, with the help of a white pencil, join the lip outline to the teeth.

Give a black colour to the tip of the nose and blend it smoothly.

Wear a hairy wig, and you are ready with your beast makeup look.

You can create this look and get a couple of prices. This is the best way to create a couple of beauty and the beast Halloween makeup.

If you are a single person and want to create beauty and the beast Halloween makeup on yourself then you can do your makeup as follows.

Half Beauty Half Beast Halloween Makeup Tutorial:

For creating this makeup, follow the belle makeup guide. Straighten the half hairs that lie on the beautiful side.

For beast, makeup curl your natural hair and try to make it messy as possible. Create teeth, marks, and inches with the help of face paints, eyebrow pencils, and eyeshadows.

Here is one video created by Katy she has made this look amazing. Here she used fake dry hairs to create a beard and eyebrows of beast you can also do that.

I hoped you like this article and enjoyed watching beauty and the beast Halloween makeup.

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