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Ariana Grande Without Makeup

In this article, you will see the cute Ariana Grande Without Makeup Photos. You will see Ariana’s natural side. This article revealed all the secrets of how celebrities look in real.

When you say Ariana the first thing that came to mind is her long ponytail and cat eyes.

Would you like to see Ariana grande without her ponytail and cat-eye look?

Here you guys,

21 Pictures Of Ariana Grande Without Makeup

First, we will see how Ariana grande has grown up and how she used to look in her childhood. These pictures will tell you the truth about her real hair.

From the above gallery, we can say, Ariana is a born cutie, just look at her smile and the dimple. She was an active and popular kid of her time. You can see in her childhood photo, she has very curly hair naturally.

Here is the best Without makeup picture of Ariana Grande, you will be amazed at her cuteness and expressions.

Ariana Grande Cute Without Makeup Picture

Ariana Grande No makeup Clear skin 9
  • Hair Color – Black (natural)
  • Eyes Color – Dark Brown
  • Hair Type – Water Wave
  • Face Shape Type – Heart
  • Body Shape Type – Hourglass
  • Age – 27 Years
  • Birthday – 26 June 1993
  • Birthplace – Florida
  • Height – 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
  • Weight – 47 kg (104 lbs)
  • Measurements – 32 – 24 – 32
  • Father – Edward Butera
  • Mother – Joan Grande
  • Siblings – Franky Grande [Brother]
  • Spouse – Pete Davidson
  • Children – None

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Ariana Grande in lockdown 1

Ariana Grande Has Spotted Without Makeup Outside the Gym

Ariana Grande has been spotted outdoor in lockdown. She has created bunny ears with her hair. Ariana has covered her face with a mask to prevent herself from getting infected.

Source: Pinterest

Ariana Grande in lockdown

Ariana Has Worn a safety Mask During Lockdown

This is another picture of Ariana during the lockdown period. She has worn a blue safety mask and a hat. She is trying to tell her fans to wear masks and stay safe at home.

Source: Instagram

Ariana Grande real hairs 3

Ariana Grande Selfie With Her real curly and Short Hairs

This is Ariana Grande’s without makeup photo showing her natural curly hair. This photo she has uploaded on social media where her mom insists she does not have to hide her curly hairs from the public now.

Source: Instagram

Ariana Grande Pout Photos 2

Pimple Marks on Ariana’s Face

Pimples marks are spotted on Ariana Grande’s no-makeup selfie. The dark spots of pimples on her cheek are clearly visible because her face is completely bare.

Source: Pinterest

Ariana Granda weired selfie 2

Post Swimming Selfie

This selfie photo she has clicked just after Swimming. Hence she does not have anything on her face that made her blackheads, pimples, and real short hairs clearly visible.

Source: Pinterest

Ariana Granda weired selfie

Making Annoying Faces

There is no doubt Ariana is the cutest and a little insane personality.

She is making weird and annoying faces to the camera.

Source: Google

Ariana-Grande teenage 7

Ariana During Her Teenage

This is how Ariana grande looks in her teenage. She was chubby at that time.

She was more beautiful in her teenage I think. just look at her dimple which is looking dam cute on her chubby cheek.

Source: Pinterest

Ariana Grande Pout Photos 1

Ariana Grande Without Cat Eye Makeup

Here is what you are looking for. See how ariana grande looks with her cat eye makeup.

She successfully attempted to make a perfect fish pout.

Source: Pinterest

Ariana Grande No Makeup Outdoors

Ariana Went Outdoor after Lockdown

This is Ariana Grande’s outdoor picture. She is enjoying being outside after a long lockdown period.

Source: We Heart It

Ariana Grande No makeup Clear skin 4

College Dance Performance Practice

This is Ariana Grande’s picture with her friend while practicing for her college dance performance.

Ariana Grande Childhood 6

Childhood Photo Of Ariana Grande

Ariana has unrecognizable growth, she looked very different in her childhood and teenage photos than now. BDW, She is won my heart with her dimple in this picture.

Source: Google

Ariana Grande real hairs 1

Trying Snapchat Filters

Another Ariana Grande Without makeup photo in real hairs. Ariana was enjoying different Snapchat filters and this butterfly one is her most favorite one. Her hairs are too curly in real than her artificial long ponytail.

Source: Pinterest

Ariana Granda weired selfie 3 edited

Ariana’s Badass Look

See Ariana Graned is showing middle fingers to the camera to create a badass look. This is something that is completely opposite to her nature but she did it in this photo.

Source: Google

Ariana Grande No Makeup Outdoors 4

Ariana Grande Spotted Outdoor Without Any Makeup

In this photo, you will see once again the Ariana Grande no makeup in real hair. He is making her ponytail while walking.

Source: Google

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How much inch is Ariana Grande’s hair extension?

Ariana Grande’s hair extension length is 27 inches i.e 70cm.

Here is the detailed calculation of her extension length,

Calcuation: Height = 161 cm
Legs are the longest part of the body so we divide her height in a 2:3 ratio i.e 70:91
Her hair falls to her waist and hence it should be 70 cm or 27 inches long ponytails.

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