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best way to apply a liquid foundation

When we say foundation the list of questions and confusions came out. Especially for the liquid foundation, you must be having lots of confusion in your head.

Don’t worry, In this article, you will get answers to all your queries about the liquid foundation. And you will know the best way to apply a liquid foundation and how you can make it look flawless throughout the day.

To work perfectly with the liquid foundation you need to follow a set of steps which are mentioned below.

How To Apply A Liquid Foundation For Beginners:

  1. Prep Your Skin For The Makeup
  2. Choose A Right Blending Equipment
  3. Always Remember Less Is More
  4. Blending Is The Key To The Perfect Base
  5. Set With The Powder
  6. Finally Fix It Using Makeup Fixer

Let’s know what’s the exact meaning of every step written here one by one.

#1 Prep Your Skin For The Makeup:

There are high chances of cracking and flaking of liquid foundation on your face because you have not prepared your skin well before makeup.

Skin prepping is really important it chances your makeup goal completely. Even the cheapest foundation could look flawless on well-prepared skin and vice versa.

There are actually 3 steps that come under skin prepping is Clean, moisturize, and prime.


Cleaning :

It’s a best practice to apply makeup on fresh skin to set it properly and lasts long. Properly clean your face with a suitable face wash for your skin.

You should always choose a face wash as per your skin type otherwise your skin will not feel good and so your makeup will not going to set well.

So for dry skin, go for the cream cleanser, and for oily skin, you can have a gel base or foam-based cleanser.

Moisturizing :-

Now once you cleanse your skin the second step is to apply a moisturizer its always the right choice to invest in a good moisturizer.

Let me tell you the secret, the more time you spend moisturizing your skin the more flawless base you get.

This step will provide the right kind of hydration to the skin and it helps in preventing excess oil production from the skin.

Apply Primer :-

Now the 3rd important step of skin prep is applying primer. Primer helps in minimizing the open pores of the skin and finally giving you smooth flat skin for applying foundation.

#2 Choose A Right Blending Equipment:

Choose a right blening equipment

There is always confusion between a beauty blender and a blending brush, what should you use for liquid foundation? so here is my personal experience, I have used a brush and a beauty blender for blending the liquid foundation.

When I used a brush for blending my foundation it was looking flaked, cracked and the bristles of the brush made my skin a little dry as I already have a dry skin type.

So I think if you also have dry skin you should skip blending brush.

When I used a beauty blender I feel it took a little more time than a brush to evenly spread the foundation but the result was very natural, real, and flawless. So I prefer a beauty blender over a brush.

Again invest in a good quality beauty blender, it will last for years.

Check how to use a beauty blender in the right way with some more makeup tips.

#3 Always Remember Less Is More:

little liquid foundatio is enough

It’s a huge myth that we should apply layers and layers of foundation to achieve a flawless base. Guys, this is totally wrong you will end up with a cakey face.

For a liquid foundation, less is more. Just take 2 pumps of foundation and it is more than enough.

Spread the dots of foundation all over your face and then with a dabbing motion of beauty blender blend everything well.

If you feel this is not enough then you can use 1 pump more and apply it on some targeted areas but don’t take more than this.

#4 Blending Is The Key To The Perfect Base:

blending is key

Even though liquid foundations are easily blendable you will need to give enough time for blending.

Blending should be done slowly, the more time you spend with blending more natural base you will get with makeup.

Tip:- When you feel your foundation is blended completely do it for 2 more minutes and your base is perfectly ready.

#5 Set With The Powder:

Set the base with powder

Once you are done with blending take a powder and set everything well.

You can set your base with either loose powder or a compact powder. If you are doing natural light makeup then go for loose powder and if you want a heavy high coverage base go for the compact powder.

Use a big fluffy brush for applying powder. Also, take a powder on the brush tap out the excess on the brush, set the under-eye area first and the T area to stop oil production.

Then whatever is left on the brush just spread it all over your face.

#6 Fix The Base With Makeup Fixer:

fix the base

The final step to remember after applying liquid foundation is to fix your base with a makeup fixer.

Keep the makeup fixer 1 meter away from your face and spray it 4-5 times. Let the droplets dried out or you can move the beauty blending over it with very little pressure just to fix everything in place.

This is the best way to apply liquid foundation without creasing. If you follow these steps correctly you can easily work well with the liquid foundation like any pro makeup artist.

I hope this article helped you and solved your queries, Don’t forget to share your reviews and queries in the comments below.

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