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alicia keys no makeup photos gallery

Did you know Alicia Keys is 15-times GRAMMY award winning singer/songwriter and producer?

Today you are going to see this popular personality in real life, with a bare face, without any makeup and fake things.

Let’s First see the Best Alicia Keys No makeup Picture with her real beauty stats that you would have never seen before.

Best No Makeup
alicia keys no makeup10

Alicia Keys No Makeup Photo

On a Beach

  • Hair Color – Dark Brown
  • Eyes Color – Dark Brown
  • Hair Type – curly
  • Body Shape Type – Triangle
  • Face Shape Type – Teardrop
  • Age – 40 years
  • Birthday – 25 January 1981
  • Birthplace – The Bronx, Texas U.S.
  • Height – 5 ft 5 in
  • Weight – 55 kg
  • Measurements – 30 – 27 – 33 inches
  • Net Worth – $70 Million
  • Father Name – Craig Cook
  • Mother Name – Terria Joseph aka Teresa Augello
  • Half Brothers- Clay cook, Cloe cook
  • Spouse – Swizz Beatz

In the above picture, Alicia went on vacation trips with the family to have a nice time. She has wrapped a yellow towel after enjoying a lot in the sea. Can you see the beach tan she got?

From a very young age, she uses to play the piano and travel alone through the train, she was an independent kid.

Let’s see Alicia Keys no makeup photo of her teenage that shows her real face.

alicia keys no makeup3

Picture Of Young Alicia Keys Without Makeup During Teenage

This is a picture of Alicia when she was very young and still riding on the trains alone.

She says this is all because of her mom who makes her brave and strong.

Alicia was more beautiful in her teenage than now, what you think?

There is no doubt that Alicia is born talented but she got huge fame, popularity, and success in early 2000 for her blend of R&B and Soul music.

alicia keys no makeup1

Alicia Keys No Makeup Picture with Pimple Marks

See this is a very clear picture of Alicia where she has not worn a single makeup product even the pimple marks are visible on the cheeks

Without makeup or without makeup you can not change the real beauty within the person that’s what Alicia Keys is.

alicia keys no makeup7

Image Of Alicia Keys Without Makeup

In this image, Alicia has wrapped a scarf on her head to cover her hair. Here you can clearly see her face.

Her natural shade, pigmentation, discoloration all is clearly visible in this photo.

alicia keys no makeup9

Alicia Keys No Makeup Photo After Sweating Out In The Gym

Alicia is a very fitness freak person this picture shows it clearly.

See how much she has weated in the gym to stay fit and healthy.

alicia keys no makeup6

Messy Hair Picture Of Alicia Keys

See the real hair structure of Alicia. Her hairs are curly and frizzy and very hard to manage.

Her Hairs looking so dry here.

alicia keys no makeup4

Young Alicia Keys No Makeup Photo

Hello, Who is there? This is Alicia Keys’ picture of childhood. She is in her teenage.

Alicia is looking so young, cute, and gorgeous here. In love with this picture.

alicia keys no makeup5

Alicia Keys Bare Face

With all this picture of Alicia since childhood, one thing is clear that she actually doesn’t need any makeup to look beautiful.

Even in this picture, she is looking damn cool and hot.

Comment down if you think the same way?

alicia keys no makeup2

Natural Pigmentation On Alicia Keys Face

See even though she is a celebrity, she also has discoloration of natural face pigmentations.

alicia keys no makeup8

After Bath Picture Of Alicia Keys Without Makeup

This picture is clicked just after finishing her bath. She has worn a white robe with a white towel on her hair.

Can you see the black dots, real nose shape, and dark circles of Alicia?

These are all 10 Alicia Keys No makeup photos. I hope you enjoyed watching this No makeup gallery of Alicia Keys.

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